Truth shows is a genre of tv show that screens unscripted significant or amusing situations, reenacting true stories. These programs are normally acted out by regular individuals instead of expert actors. Hence, this essay will describe the pros and cons of reality shows and why they are so popular.

Firstly, truth shows are really remarkable. By viewing how the actors speak and act in unforeseen scenarios, the audience would be able to repeat them and get out of uncomfortable situations. For example, enjoying a truth reveal that screens a normal life of a lazy student.

When a student is not able to hand in his project, he can say that he was struggling with a bad headache and promise to hand in the next early morning.

Second of all, truth reveals screens flexibility and complimentary speech. As reality reveals generally reflects our actions in our every day lives. This will help the audiences to gain the self-confidence in voicing out their viewpoints.

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Simply put, democracy can be seen in this circumstance. Whereby, individuals have an equal opportunity to reveal their opinion on the laws and the actions of their country. Thus, reality shows are popular as it assists to highlight the voices of the individuals.

However, there are also cons to truth programs.

From the young to adults and from schools to work environments, people are going over about the truth shows they have seen. The reality programs have actually become a typical subject for the individuals that seperates the various topic for various age variety.

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From this, drawbacks can be observed because this causes a line to be drawn in between the young and the adult. Parents and children will not be able to interact properly and conflicts might increase. Children will believe that their parents do not understand them and thus growing apart from each other, affecting their relationship.

Finally, truth reveals generally target the adolescence. As part of the media method, the truth reveals timings are set at night and will impact the student’s research studies greatly. Instead of studying at house, the trainees will view the television programmes. As an outcome, not just impacting their research study
grades but also impact their future career potential customers.

In conclusion, reality shows are popular as it helps the audience to escape awkward situations by reiterating the actors words and also help to build up confidence in individuals. Though there are bad effects of reality shows, for example, students not studying and instead watching the programmes. This shows why reality shows are so popular.

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