Proposed Solutions for Working Together Essay

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Proposed Solutions for Working Together

“Most would agree that trait represents a disposition to behave expressing itself in consistent patterns of functioning across a range of situations” (Pervin, 1994). Many things play into the traits that we end up with as adults. These traits have a profound effect on how we interact with groups. Difficulty can always be found when a group is attempting to work together due to variances in personality traits.

The key to working together as a group is to understand the differences and similarities that each group member possesses in order to reach the wanted outcome of the group. According to the personality assessments based on the Big Five taken by Team B the similarities in common are vast and the differences are minimal so working together should be easy. As the tests suggest, the team members are mostly agreeable and dependable so when a plan for action is reached then the team will fall in line to handle what needs to be done in order to reach the agreed upon goal.

Even though the Big Five can be looked at as limiting the personality to only a five dimensional plane, the basis of the dimensions that are there can tell about the personality of individuals. “Just as stereotypes bias our perceptions of an out-group, implicit personality theories may bias our perceptions of others” (Friedman & Schustack, 2012). In Team B there seems to be no evidence that there would be limitations to achieving their goals.

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