Proposed Debate Topics Business Essay

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Proposed Debate Topics Business

1. The government should impose gender quota on the Board of Directors of every company in order to increase the percentage of female representatives. 2. Being the Chairperson of a public listed company where most of your customers are Muslim, you decide to appoint a homosexual person to become your company CEO. 3. As a doctor of a financially distressed hospital and you discover unexplained increased in patient death, you would reveal the incident to the public. 4. It is better to have an ethical and benevolent CEO even though he / she cannot perform than to have a CEO who achieves performance through unethical means.

5. The government should make producing, selling and owning cigarettes / tobaccos illegal since smoking can cause serious diseases. 6. You are the CEO of a pharmaceutical company and you agree to release an untested drug in order to contain the outbreak of a deadly and highly contagious disease. 7. As a CEO of a car manufacturer and you found minor defects in your car, you would recall your car worldwide. 8. Mercy killing is the deliberate advancement of a person’s death for the benefit of that person. Therefore the rights of mercy killing should be granted and respected. 9. Death penalty is an important measure to deter serious crimes. Hence, death penalty should be adopted to effectively reduce a nation’s crime rates. 10. Privacy is becoming progressively more porous. Often, this is done in the name of security.

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