Proposed Capstone Project Essay

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Proposed Capstone Project

To implement the system in an online environment.
To design a database that will organize blotter related information and records. To provide a search facility for finding and filtering of records. To include a module that will facilitate updating of reported blotters. To generate statistical reports pertinent for decision making.

Project Description
Police officers are assigned at the police stations to encode the complaints, police reports, and crime incidents reported in their areas of responsibilities (AOS) directly into their computers connected online. All police precinct blotter records are visible in the web server anytime of the day. At the end of the day, each police station prints their day’s journal using the system. System Platform:

Web Application utilizing HTML5, PHP, MySQL, and CSS.

System Functionalities [Include your HIPO in this part. Make sure all functionalities are stated here. I suggest, you divide your features in terms of Client and Server Side. Client Side may still be divided in terms of your users. These features are still based on the SE Project which is PC-Based, you have not specified features when it will be implemented online.] Management of blotter cases. (inc: Creating blotter and archiving blotter case) Viewing of records. (by case number, name, date)

Generating statistical reports in graphical models.
Generate and queue reports.

The system will generate reports such as the following:
Number of blotter incidents per barangay
Most common cases per barangay
Monthly/Quarterly/Annually report of blotter cases
Individual Blotter Report
The individual reports are collated into single reports which can be accessed by City of Santa Rosa Police Headquarters Superintendent for his information and use. Statistical Report
Graphical representation of most common cases annually for comparative purpose. Chart for areas with frequent cases reported.

The purpose of this report is to monitor and isolate areas with the most number of incidents. And also use for decision making and for development of solutions.

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