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Proposal to build a website for S-N-F Electronics

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Electronics about Building a Website for the Company Proposal to build a website for S-N-F Electronics to increase sales and saving money with-in the company. S-N-F Electronics TITLE Team E: Keith Henningsen Heather Mapes Tyler Nooney 14 April 2013 Memo of Transmittal for Research Report Transmittal Correspondence TITLE TO:Management of S-N-F Electronics FROM: Team E (Keith Henningsen, Heather Mapes, and Tyler Nooney. ) DATE:April 14th 2013 SUBJECT: Transmittal for research on establishing a website This is a follow up to see how our first proposal sent on 17 March 2013 .

The company still feels that it is extremely important to have a website in order for our revenue to increase, also to keep our clients happy. Customers in this day and age are all about speed… the faster and easier it can be done the better! Since this is the way it is now, we need to keep up with the ever-changing world of business. In order to do this successfully the company feels we can achieve this with something as simple as a website.

We have been losing out on profits and clients to companies that are keeping more current with the times.

In order to actively compete in the ever-changing business world, we will need to give our customers whatever it is they need, and what they need is convenience. A lot of people these days don’t have time to get on a phone and wait to go through the channels they need to to place an order and write down addresses and dates.

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For example, a client company might have people on phones and computers all day, so instead of having to hold incoming calls and waste time, all they’d have to do is go onto our website and quickly put down the information and in a couple of business days their order arrives!

Most everybody nowadays has some sort of device that can access the Internet. By having a website we will be accessible to everyone who either has access to Internet or access to a phone. Plan of Action So long as the management agrees that a company website will be beneficial and worth creating, our team can start with the actual building of the website. We have drawn up what the website will look like and how exactly it will function. After we create the IP address all that is left to do is for our team to input the data and format we have already have lain out and we can be head to head with our competition in no time.

We’ve projected the entire process to take no more than 7 business days to have the website up and ready to start doing business, so it will be a speedy and efficient transition into the Internet age. Summary People from all walks of life and all different professions write some sort of formal report. A formal report is necessary when a company is proposing an idea that the company would like to be funded for. The proposal in most cases is to benefit the company. In our situation we feel this would substantially benefit our company. S-N -F Electronics is proposing to get a website up and running.

We have taken a survey within the company and all have agreed that establishing a website will be extremely beneficial. The only way as of right now for our clients to place an order is to make a phone call to our business and that right there was enough for people to put off ordering till the next day, or the next day, then they might forget. A lot of people do not have time to sit on the phone and wait on hold for the next representative. If we have a website we would be able to accommodate the people who are not computer friendly and also the busy people who would like to jump on the website and place a quick order.

Our goal is to make all our clients happy and wanting to come back! Obstacles The only foreseeable obstacle that we have to overcome has to teach the employees how to work using the new system. Transitioning employees from taking orders through the phone to taking orders online as well may be challenging for some, so we have a plan to prevent this from occurring. In the final stages of development we will bring the employees in that will be using the new system and allow them to see every component that goes into working with the website.

If they can see how it will work firsthand, then it will be more likely that they will take to the new system with greater ease and be ready to work as soon as the website is officially up. Conclusion As we have stated, our team is ready to get a company website up and running, so we hope that you agree with our reasoning. As soon as the company in its entirety can agree with having a website to work with, S-N-F Electronics can begin profiting from the use of the Internet as a means of processing orders.

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