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Proposal for Home Cleaning Service Delivery Essay

We write to introduce We Love Your Home Cleaning Services, a world class cleaning service-provision Company. Based on our understanding of how busy working hours get these days, coupled with the needed attention to care for children among other things, we have chosen to apply ourselves in service thereby filling up this area of need.

Our team of highly skilled and savvy professionals offers first-rate level of customer-friendly services making use of the best practice in the cleaning services field. Our years of hands-on-the-job experience, alongside the passion with which we deliver clients request, stands us out in our area of chosen service.

Our organization is glad for the opportunity to serve you in what we do best.

We do hope to have a fulfilling relationship with you in the course of our quality value delivery to your home. Thank you in anticipation of a positive response.

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Yours faithfully,


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The growing demands for quality home cleaning service by our well meaning customers prompted the creation of a holistic solution avenue to better serve this area of need. The amount of increase in the average work hours has contributed to our desire to provide a quality and easy-to-request alternative to home cleaning service.

Our business focuses on ensuring that the “neat home” concept, which is acronym for our core values, is spread to each of our clients. We ensure this through the use of quality equipments and a very friendly approach to solution delivery. We do everything within our ability to ensure that our customers always win through our simplified and holistic approach.

Vision: Our corporate vision is to be the leader in friendly delivery of home support through customized cleaning service deliverables.

Mission: We work as one winning team with our clients to ensure the delivery of the “neat home” concept using cost-effective solutions and simple but highly effective customer-centered approach.

Core Values: This is at the core of who we really are. Our core values can be seen in the acronym N.E.A.T. H.O.M.E. It is a derivative of our passionate commitment to a culture of excellence through a continuously improved customer-centered approach to each of our service packages. The acronym also helps us to be reminded of the Win-Win goal our relationship with clients seeks to achieve. It means:

N – Neatness, E – Excellence, A – Accountability, T – Teamwork,

H – Hospitability, O – Openness, M – Mutual benefit, E – Extra-mile

Neatness: By neatness our certified professionals will ensure the removal of dirt and stains through the use of the best chemicals while putting as top priority the health of the home dwellers.

Excellence: Our team sees excellence as a guide at every inch of the process. We believe and are committed to improving the seemingly little things.

Accountability: We are responsible for the safe-keeping of clients home while we ensure it is clean. Knowing the implications of the foregoing, we subscribe to third party insurance policies that forestall any possibility of mishap. Also, clients can be sure to meet their interior design outlook in better shape as a result of out team of savvy professionals.

Teamwork: Winning with you is our utmost delight and we ensure this through our excellence-orientation method of shared responsibility. Our professionals make sure that the customer’s unique request is done with tact considering areas of priority as may have been indicated on request form.

Hospitability: Friendliness is at the core of how we serve you. Our customers help us to always be around offering service, hence, we commit to the delivery of such as quickly as possible. We enjoy creating win-win scenarios in smiles.

Openness: We believe that trust is at the root of any successful business relationship and really value same. This is why we ensure a solution delivery as promised style, thereby creating the atmosphere that nurtures honest dealings.

Mutual benefit: This profiles our commitment to a win-win solution.

Extra-mile: Where the need arises, our staff will be willing to go the extra-mile so as to ensure qualitative service delivery always. We believe absolutely that we only truly win when our customers win.


We Love Your Home Cleaning Services provides scalable unit of options in our area of expertise. Our services list provides a convenient way for our clients to do business with us. It ensures that our options allow for a balance between cost-effectiveness, time-save and quality delivery. These include the following:

  • Cleaning the entire residence or selected rooms as may be so desired
  • The use of industrial cleaning chemicals with no health hazards
  • The provision of user-friendly timed options (say one-time, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly)

The above mentioned options are carefully tailored to ensure that a full home support in the business of cleaning is ensured.


Our first rate service culture will offer you the following value added features:

  1. We save you the stress involved in the cleaning process
  2. We help ensure a timely delivery through best practice
  3. Our solution is cost effective and offers competitive pricing
  4. Our services can be requested from the convenience of your home
  5. Our team of certified professionals ensure that our customers win all of the time


Based on our understanding of varying customers’ area of need and challenge peculiarity, we offer two packages for ease of request. These are as highlighted.

Package A – Gold Home

This “Gold Home” offer is for clients who require cleaning services only. It serves as our basic cleaning solution option for clients who need a one-time support in the holistic cleaning of their home. It makes use of the “neat home” value delivery approach through well experienced and professional hands.

S/N Item Description Cost ($) Units Amount


General home cleaning








Package B – Diamond Home Plus

This is an easy-to-customize option that puts into consideration clients who work long hours and some others who may have children to care of among other unique considerations. Some clients may also require only a portion of the complete solution while others will appreciate some more value-added. Feel free to use this option for home event support and para-home (say Birthday, Anniversary, etc) events support option. The Package B provides easy to change cost offers tailored to meet specific customer demands.

S/N Item Description Cost Range($) Units Amount ($)



Customized home cleaning

Perfumery (Custom options)

Other peculiarities

100 – 250

30 – 100






Contact Methods: Telephone, Email, Web address, Physical Location

Cleaning is our business as we will be glad to provide you with top-notch customer-centered service on request. Please feel free to use the toll free number on the contact methods. It will help us know the uniqueness you may so desire. We will have one of our service representatives contact you with regards to this. Thank you for the opportunity to apply ourselves in service to you.

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