Properties of Gases Essay

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Properties of Gases


This report covers Properties of Gases and will allow me the opportunity to explore chemical and physical properties of gases. Collection and use of these gases will also be conducted in this lab.

Statement of

Collecting gases is a difficult process. Singling out a gas and obtaining only that gas is the challenge we face in this experiment.

Purpose of

The purpose of this experiment is use water, chemicals and metals along with collection tubes to extract a single gas and to store it. Then to use only that gas and see how it responds to other testing.


If the gases are correctly singled out and collected properly. We should be able to observe changes when the gases are introduced to heat or fire.


Test tubes will be used to single out gases from two forms of metals along with an acid and hydrogen peroxide. Baking soda, vinegar, alka seltzer, bromthymol blue and limewater will also be used to observe the properties of gases.

Data Charts

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LabPaq – Properties of gases

General Chemistry

Error and

When attempting to mix the Hydrogen and Oxygen together. I may have lost a small amount of hydrogen as I lifted the bulb filled with 2/3 hydrogen from the 24-well plate. I did not receive a reaction when I squeezed the bulb of hydrogen oxygen onto the flame.


It was challenging using my thumb to try and hold the gases in their pipet bulbs. I repeated a few of the experiments to make sure I received the same results and feel fairly confident that I obtained the results that were expected.


Parts of this experiment used household items to collect data from. Learning the gas properties these household items contain is invaluable.

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