Proper decision making Essay

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Proper decision making

Proper decision making on which job to choose requires utmost thinking and weighing of possible trade offs. A dilemma is often faced when familiarity of a certain job is preferred over a new opportunity. In your two –year experience of working as a cashier and sales clerk, I know that you already have skills that helped you excel in your field. Let me share with my take on the subject matter. Since you are looking for a job, I would like to let you know that there is an opening at my current work place, Cosset Lounge.

The lounge is a spa and massage center which is only two blocks away from my pad. You can work there as my boss’ assistant. The one who is best fitted for the position needs to have good communication and writing skills, excellent customer service and the capability to work with minimum supervision. The mentioned skills were in terms of the professional aspect only. As for the personal aspect, the assistant should have upright interpersonal skills. The job often deals with meet-ups with the boss’ VIP clients and suppliers of spa necessities.

Therefore, a pleasing personality is definitely a must have. There are also times when you will monitor spa operations in a day to day basis. You might think that the job is way far from your old work. But, with the skills that you have and your desire to learn, you can easily adapt to the new working environment. I hope that you will opt for welcoming new experiences when it comes to enhancing your skills. In my humble opinion, I believe that you should enter a different arena for professional and personal growth as well.

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