Proof of Man’s Inhumanity Essay

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Proof of Man’s Inhumanity

Past studies about the Holocaust reveal the motivation behind Adolf Hitler’s annihilation of the Jews and other races. He believed that “they were responsible for Marxism, democracy, the outbreak of World War I, and Germany’s collapse in 1918, as well as being the invisible hand behind the Weimar republic” (Fischel 4). He was fed up with the Jews’ continuous settlement in the German land. He resented the fact that they were being too involved with the country’s politics and businesses.

Reasons like these seemed too shallow for Hitler to arrive to a “final solution” of exterminating the Jews and other localities which he believed did not belong to the upper or Aryan class of society. The method that the Nazi used to wipe out an entire race and religion was the concentration camps. In camps such as Auschwitz, Dachau, Treblinka, Sobibor, and Belzec, millions of people, most of whom were Jews, died in violent ways. The most common way of exterminating them was through the use of gas chambers in camps.

In the anthology of the Holocaust, Piper reveals that, “The efficacy of such conventional methods of killing is best illustrated by the fate of 10,000 Soviet prisoners of war who were transported to the camp in October 1941” (Piper 372). It was one of the first exterminations performed during the Holocaust wherein Piper added that, “After five months of starvation, hard labor, beatings, and outright killings, only 945 were still alive on March 1, 1942” (Piper 372). The prisoners were evidently treated like animals with no rights, dignity, and privacy.

Everything was taken from each individual such as clothes, jewelries and other material belongings. The Holocaust is a clear proof that this world has once gone too far in following the principle of “the survival of the fittest. ” A person like Hitler had put matters in his own hands, which was a selfish thing to do. Nobody has the right to manipulate God’s creation because it annoys you or threatens your power. Concentration camps are the visible evidences that would always remind people of what selfishness, power, and racism can do to an entire race.

The remains of these camps would always remind people of the reality that this world is a mortal place and that evil will always be present—unless we learn how to accept the shortcomings and difference of every person that we encounter. Works Cited Fischel, Jack. The Holocaust. Connecticut: Greenwood Publishing Group, 1998. Piper, Franciszek. “Auschwitz Concentration Camp: How was it Used in the Nazi System of Terror and Genocide and the Economy of the Third Reich” The Holocaust and History: The Known, the Unknown, the Disputed, and the Reexamined. Eds. Michael Berenbaum and Abraham Peck. Indiana: Indiana University Press, 2002. 371–386.

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