Promotional Contest from Web Wellness, Inc.

Web Wellness, Inc. has launched a forum-posting contest targeted towards wellness-conscious people. Each winner will receive books with an estimated worth of $120. The prize books are on wellness topics such as healthcare, fitness, and beauty. Joining the contest Joining is easy – simply sign up on the Wellness Forum and then create at least two posts. Simply sign up at http://www. webwellnessnetwork. com and start posting on the message board. No signup or membership fees are required to join the contest.

The earlier you join, the likelier it is for you to win.

How to win Winning is very easy – the only requirement for winning is that at least two topics you created must get five or more replies. Unlike “lucky draw” contests for luxury cars or condos, where only a very small percentage of participants can expect to win, winning in the forum-posting contest is much more likely than not receiving anything. Which means that winners will not be wasting time hoping for that elusive prize.

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Getting a few replies to a topic you created is all that is needed to win, and you can’t really lose anything!

The very high likelihood of winning makes this contest much more worthy of a participant’s time and effort than usual “lucky draw” contests. The more interesting and thought-provoking your posts are, the more likely it is that you will win the 120 dollars worth of prizes. Winners are rewarded on a first-come-first-served basis. Note that there will be a time limit to this contest, although this limit has not yet been set.

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After this time limit winners will no longer be recognized. Quick and fast returns Winners will experience no delay in receiving prizes.

At the moment that two of your topics each get five replies from other users, the prize becomes accessible to you by a download link. Even if you don’t get replies immediately, you can wait as long as necessary (within the contest period) for their topics to reach five replies from other users. This means that a minimal initial effort of posting a few topics will almost inevitably get you the prize. The likelihood of winning becomes higher as more people participate in the forums. Note that we may terminate the contest without further notice when we feel that enough people have participated and won.

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