Promotion Strategy Used by Sony to Promote Vaio C Series Essay

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Promotion Strategy Used by Sony to Promote Vaio C Series

VAIO C Series uses advertising to communicate to consumers. In addition, it classifies its segmentation to communicate directly with each ages or lifestyles of consumers. Message on advertising must classify to depend on target group because they are different such as teenager or young. Those target groups want notebook to reflect to their lifestyles. Using message to make recognition about functional, smart, cool, and modern is available for teenage or young.

As well, the obvious promotional strategy is taken an emotional advertising instead of representing performances. Now, VAIO C Series is entering to a stage of an emotional benefit. Representing only an advance technology is not enough, VAIO C Series uses the emotional advertising to make consumer feeling accompany with VAIO C Series. An emotional aspect is made consumer to be proud when they use VAIO C Series and feel required to possess it. For example of VAIO C Series advertising campaign, “Show It with Your VAIO” this advertising emphasizes feeling and pride to possess and use VAIO C Series.

Sales Promotion Sony has promoted its product through different sale promotional strategies. For example, distributing a premium product is a standard promotion. The premium product is accessories that are case & pouch, mouse, docking station, and micro vault. These premiums supported absolutely VAIO C Series users to enhance when using it. Furthermore, VAIO C Series uses the sale promotion of price-off especially in Commart X’Gen Thailand or Sony Day Let’s Cheer that consumer can buy VAIO C Series for the special price. For example, VAIO C Series discount 2000 Baths and pay by installments zero percent within a year.

Public relation Sony VAIO C Series has advantages of public relationship from the corporate brand to take the good brand image. The Sony Group recognizes that its businesses have direct and indirect impact on the communities in which it operates. Sponsorship Sony is an active sponsor. Sony understands that sponsorship is its responsibility to assist like-minded organizations to help them achieve their goals. For example of sponsorship, Sony supports the InSIGHT Out project, Sony Thai support Showroom TV Program, and Sony Thai supported the 36th Charity Bazaar.

Direct Marketing On the other hand, SONY also used direct selling strategy for their promotion. They provide an interactive customer website for visitor who wishes to get more information about VAIO C Series to select and preview the colours for the SONY VAIO C Series. SONY also uses e-mail to acknowledge their customer about their latest product and updates.

Personal selling In VAIO store, the sale force makes the good relationship and will communicate well to costumer when they want to know more information. SONY has training the sale force to communicate VAIO C Series information both its product and entertainment from VAIO C Series. They must have the technology knowledge to relate with product to teach consumer. Personal selling has every VAIO C Series dealers that is a force promotion in highly competitors.

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