Promotion Announcement Essay

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Promotion Announcement

It is my great pleasure to announce my promotion as MBA executive of Exxon Mobil effective on the 25th of this month. It is not hidden to most of you that I have been with this company for ten years now since I joined as a supervisor at the production department and as a career employee I have given all my best for the company for which the company was kin to reciprocate my efforts promoting me one level higher until I got this position.

In my new position I will be assuming the task of an operations manager in charge of the day to day operation of the entire production department. I will be responsible to oversee service operations, manufacturing, project management, improvement programs and training. I am also responsible for the firm to achieve its objectives of maintaining best practices as well as developing and implementing new approaches and innovations that will further improve the company operations.

My educational attainment and my extensive experiences with the company provide me enough courage and capacity to take on this job. I have a master in Engineering Management degree from Alabama University, and prior to joining Exxon, I handled various positions such Production/Maintenance Manager (Evergreen Packaging Inc. ) in which I am in charge of supervising productions and of making sure the production goals are achieved, and, as Superintendent at Evergreen Packaging in charge of making sure the production goals are achieved.

I was also Maintenance and Production Supervisor (Detroit Axle) in charge of supervising productions and maintenance teams providing direction and motivation to ensure achievement of the production goals, and Production supervisor (Detroit Axle) in charge of working in a team concept environment and was responsible for production team coaching and guiding advisors and team leaders. I was also responsible to provide leadership to coordinate maintenance, quality and production.

Finally, as Supervisor (Warren Truck Plant) in which I was responsible to supervise production teams and quality standard. I was also responsible to maintain effective operations. With my new position, I am counting on you to contribute in our effort to foster growth and development and towards achieving the company goals and objectives. As a career oriented executive of this company, you can expect that all your best efforts in the company will not go unnoticed.

I therefore encourage every one of you to give your best effort and to work hard as you have always all the opportunity to up one step higher in this company. We must all be proud of the company’s reputation being number in Fortune’s top 500, but I want to remind all of you that this is something that we are responsible. We must all work hard to maintain this reputation and in doing so, let us work as a team and always give out best shot.

Finally, I announce to you that as operation manager, I will be in charge of the entire operations department and I am responsible for developing the company goals and objectives as well as to initiate trainings and development that will further boast the company’s growth and profitability. To achieve this, we will insure that employee skills and talents are in their rightful place for them to be productive and to provide them opportunity for promotion. If there is any question regarding this announcements please feel free to see me in my office.

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