Promoting effective communication Essay

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Promoting effective communication

There are a number of factors to consider when promoting effective communication. When using verbal communication with patients it is important to speak looking at them, speaking slowly and clearly and using simple language,. It is important to note that when working with patients with learning disabilities we have made sure they have understood what I have said. When speaking with colleagues or professionals the language I use can be more complex and often I will speak faster however most factors remain the same, it is still important that information given verbally is clear and concise.

An example of this is when this is when I have mentored new staff I make sure I talk over everything slowly and clearly and I also get then to repeat some of that information back to show they have understood. Verbally communicating in this way will differ dependant on weather I am talking on a one to one basis or to a group. If I am talking to a group I must remember to address everyone and not exclude anyone.

When using non-verbal communication there are many different factors to consider. For example, if I am slummed back in a chair, it may show that I am not interested in the conversation. Eye contact is also very important as this can show that I am engaged in the conversation, other things to consider would be hand gestures, body language and facial expressions, for example, if I frown or have my arms folded I may give a negative impression. Finally it is important to remember that for effective communication to take place it involves both parties to be engaged. Being able to listen well is vital in a two way conversations.

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