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Promoting effective communication Essay

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Describe five factors you consider when promoting effective communication: (remember to describe is more than just identifying, this requires a sentence for each one)

There are a number of factors to consider in making sure that I can promote effective communication.

Statistics show that we only listen to 7% of what is verbally said, 38% the way they are said and 55% non-verbal i.e. our body language, eye contact, gestures. So it is not so much of what we say that is important but how it is said.

Verbal communication:

1. Tone and Pitch
I need to make sure that the way in what I say things i.e. the tone and pitch of my voice suits the conversation. I might need to raise my voice in a group of many children trying to get their attention when they playing games. Where as in a small group of children were we are doing some structured learning I would talk a bit quitter, or even reading a story I would use voices for the characters in a book, making stories more interesting and so hope to keep the children’s attention.

2. Jargon
I would try and use appropriate language, for instance when I am talking to a child I need to keep things simpler so that they can understand the instructions or topic of discussion. I would also kneel down or sit at the child’s level, to make eye contact, and to be sure they understand me. But when I am talking to an adult, I should adjust and speak at the appropriate tone and pitch in not to simple terms as if they are a child otherwise it may come across patronising.

Non-verbal communication:

3. Body Language, expressions and gestures
My body language, facial expressions and hand gestures, needs to suit the situation or topic. For example I might give a handshake, smile and a wave to a child leaving the session. These are all friendly gestures, and I would hope to get an appropriate response like a wave and smile back. There would not necessarily been any verbal communication but we both understand that it is a friendly goodbye. However I am aware that some cultures certain gestures could be offensive. A r standing with folded arms can indicate you are closing yourself of not open to listen or want to take part in the conversations. This can portray a negative message and make others feel uncomfortable.

4. Eye Contact
I also make a lot of eye contact as this engages with the person I am speaking to and keeps them and me focused on what is being said. If there is little eye contact or other distractions then you can notice that there is not 100% focus.

5. Listening
I would always listen at the person talking to me as this shows that I am engaged in the conversations/discussion and can act upon anything that is asked of me. If I just nod in acknowledgement and not really listen I could miss important information. If for example a child ask to go to the toilet and I just nodded without really listening, they might wet themselves and feel embarrassed and in future not trust to ask or tell me something.

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