Promote equality and inclusion in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings Essay

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Promote equality and inclusion in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings

1. Explain what is meant by Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

Equality Equality is the term for treating people fairly and offering the same chances, it’s not all about treating everyone in the same way, but recognising everyone is different, and they all have very different needs, but making sure they are met.

These different needs could be race, age, physical health, mental health, gender, sexual orientation, beliefs and creeds.

In the workplace, there are many service users, 13 altogether, and each of them have a variety of needs. Some with dementia, others with epilepsy, a group of down syndrome, people of the age of 20 rights through to 70, people with diabetes. DiversityWhere equality is about recognising differences, diversity is about valuing these differences, for example not to along ago a service user came in on respite, he was of an Islamic background. With this there were certain values that came part and parcel of the religion, these were the consumption of Halal meat, praying five times a day and wearing specific clothing. InclusionInclusion is the term used to define the ability to adapt and place measures so that everyone, no matter what their needs are they can participate.

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Many service users hope and want to lead extremely active lifestyles. So with regards to an activity such as the gym, as part of our responsibility

2. Describe the potential effects of discrimination

To see the possible effects of discrimination fully, it’s best to look at how it affects from a holistic perspective. With regards to discrimination affecting physical health, this can be a by product of stress and depression. A lot of physical problems can be stress induced such sleeplessness and from this you can end up with a lack of energy, headaches, ulcers. Depression can affect eating habits, getting into the routine of comfort eating; this then would cause weight problems. For those suffering from severe depression it can lead to self harm.

From this you can get a massive lack in confidence in one’s own ability, this can then begin to impede on emotional aspects and mental well being. One can almost feel that they lack a voice or authority, a feeling of people unwilling to listen to them. Inducing low self esteem, insecurity, lack of confidence and sudden changes in behaviour.

Social effects can include isolation, lack of friends, withdrawing one’s self from society, unrecognized as an individual, feel like a stranger and inability to build relationships.

If being discriminated against, the intellectual effects can be massively restricted; this could be a lack of access to education, leading to poor grades in exams or portfolios, a loss of motivation which can impede a wide variety of skills and a lack of self belief.

3. Explain how inclusive practice promotes equality and supports diversity As my role of activities co-ordinator it is absolutely vital that the service users like you or I have the same opportunities. One activity where the organisation is clearly demonstrating is a club called Gresford Scottish Bowls. This club is unique in the sense that there are only about 3 in the UK. However it is not an exclusively LD group. The club opened its doors to about 5 service users. It is a game intricate skill, now it is very rare, and I have had lots of problems with group allowing service users to join. The service users have taken to it very well, one is a sub-skip of a team, one service user won the singles championship. By allowing them this opportunity it breaks the negative barrier held by mainstream society and in this example by including them they have an equal opportunity, and demonstrate that they are more than capable of holding their own.

Another example is getting two service users enrolled into the local college, it is a basic human right that every human is allowed to have an education. Though specific measures need to be taken, such as support staff, assistance with the work, they get that equal opportunity.

On a larger scale however, the organisation has just taken a massive step forward. This is to do with the funding for one on one hours. The manager has managed to gain equal one on one hours for every service user. This means that for once in the organisations existence they can provide an equal service, to each individual and the will all have an equal amount of support. This is demonstrates inclusive practice leading to equality, however each set of hours can be different for each service user which embraces diversity.

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