Promote Equality and Inclusion in Health Essay

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Promote Equality and Inclusion in Health

1.1 Explain what is meant by

* Diversity
* Equality
* Inclusion

Diversity basically means difference. Diversity is about understanding that everyone has things in common but also that everyone is different. Diversity is about embracing those differences because if everything and everyone was the same then life would be boaring. Some examples of diversity are listed below:

* Gender
* Race
* Culture
* Beliefs
* Ability
* Talent
* Personality
* Age

Equality means that everyone has the right to be treated equally and appropriate for their individual needs. Inclusion is every individuals human right, the aim of inclusion is to embrace everyone irrespective of their differences i.e. sex, race disability, race, religion etc. Everyone should have equal access and opportunities.

1.2 Describe the potential effects of discrimination

The effects of discrimination show differently for different people, the effects could fall into the physical or psychological categories. Some potential effects of discrimination are:

* Anger
* Humiliation
* Low self esteem
* Frustration
* Feelings of hopelessness
* Fear
* Isolation
* Weight loss
* Weight gain
* Loss of drive/motivation
* Increased behaviors
* Non participation
* Lack of education

1.3 Explain how inclusive practice promotes equality and supports diversity

Inclusive practices are about making sure that there are no barriers that exclude people or inhibit them from fully participating in all aspects of everyday life in society. Inclusive practices is about constantly challenging areas of society that discriminate against people that are different, ask asking questions like “what changes need to happen so that everone can participate no matter what differences them may have?”, then doing whatever it takes to make them changes happen.

2.1Explain how legislation and codes of practice relating to equality, diversity and discrimination apply to own work role.

The regulatory bodies that exist in the uk have codes of practice, these codes exist for the benefit of both employers and their workforce, they have been designed to improve the quality of services that people receive in the health and social care field. Below are a few requirements set out in codes of practice that apply to my work role in health and social care:

* Protect the rights and promote the interests of people and their careers
– this is to include * The respect for individuality
* The respect for equal opportunities
* The respect for diversity
* The respect for dignity
* The respect for privacy

* To establish and maintain the trust of people and their careers – this is to include
* No neglect
* No abusing
* No exploiting
* Non forming of improper personal relationships
* No discrimination
* Don’t abuse trust of confidentiality
* No unnecessary risks should be taken

* To uphold public trust and confidence in the social care services – this is to include
* Maintaining confidentiality
* Using effective communication
* Honoring commitments
* Declaring conflicts of interest
* Non acceptance of gifts

* Promote the independence of people while protecting them from danger – this is to include
* Recognizing the right to take risks
* Following risk assessments
* Minimizing risks
* Informing others of risk assessments

* Respect the rights of people while seeking to ensure that their behavior does not cause harm to themselves or other people – this is to include
* Maintenance of rights
* Challenging dangerous behavior
* Reporting dangerous behavior
* Following safe practice
* Reporting unsafe practice
* Help people to make complaints
* Follow health and safety regs
* Using power responsibly

* Be accountable for the quality of one’s own work and to take responsibility for improving knowledge and skills – this is to include
* Meeting standards
* Maintaining records
* Informing employers of personal difficulties

If we follow these codes of practice, then my role as a health and social care worker will be greatly improved, and the way in which I support my service users will ensure that their rights and their support levels are met.

3.3 Describe how to challenge discrimination in a way that promotes change

If I was to witness discrimination whether it is sexual, racial or any other form of discrimination, I would challenge it immediately, I could do this by firstly reporting the incident and recording the facts. I would report it to my line manager as they have more power to help change take place. If colleagues were not treating all service users fairly or promoting diversity I could challenge them in a professional manner, I could tell them than their actions are offending not only myself but they are inflicting a form of abuse on the service users themselves, I could advise them that their words and actions could be subject to disciplinary actions . By actively promoting diversity and equality in my work place I could help change people’s mind and their actions and in doing so I would have helped promote change in my work place

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