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Prometheus Bound Essay

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In the play “Prometheus Bound” by Aeschylus, it states ideas about the concept of power through force. The play deals with conflict between force and intelligence which realates to the main concept of power and force. At the beginning of the play, Hephaestus is joined by Kratos, who represents power, and Bia, representing force. Heaphaestus chains Prometheus while Kratos abuses him and Bia stays silent throughtout the enchaintment. While Hephaestus has sympathy for Prometheus, Kratos reminds him that this is Zeus’ punishment for stealing fire from the gods and giving it to mankind.

When Prometheus tried to use his intelligence to help humanity by giving them the gift of fire, Zeus responds by using his force to punish Prometheus. Throughout the play, Prometheus knowledge makes it clear that without him, Zeus will fall by a power greater than his own. For this reason, Force can be an advantage than knowledge, but it cannot remain indefinitely without it. On pg 1(lines 4-11), it says “Ordained thee by the Father-to enchain this malefactor on yon mountain crags….

. and check his charity for man.

This is significant because Prrometheus stole fire from the gods and Zeus, all powerful, punishes Prometheus by sending his assistants, Kratos (power) and Bia (force) with Hephaestus to enchain Prometheus to a mountain. Therefore, Zeus has the power and control over the other gods and immortals. Secondly, on pg. 43 (lines 12-16) continued on pg. 44 (lines 1-3) it says “No rack nor pillory can cause Zeus devise to move or make manifest these things…. not thus will he consrain my tongue to tell By whose hand he from tyranny shall fall.

This is significant because Prometheus has the knowledge about the overthrow of power of Zeus. For this reason, knowledge or force beats power. Prometheus is a powerless immortal and victim of an unjust powerful god, Zeus, who rules by demands and laws. In this conflict, the idea that force requires thought and guidance to sustain it. Therefore, Aeschylus is stating that a resolution between knowledge and force can work together to avoid destruction. Prometheus knowledge, signifies that the idea that thought must be sustained. In this case, his judgement will save Zeus but his opposition to Zeus leads on the path to resolution.

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