Proliferation of Christian Church and Effectsand Problems in Society and Its Rerferences

This denotes the essence of creation, that is to say that God created man and other things both in the heavens and on earth to glorify His Name in all purposes whether good or bad. Proliferation of Churches as a matter of the moment recalls that, man, since creation is said and believed to be the body of Christ, Son of the Most High God and moreso, from the religious point of view is referred to as the Church where Christ again is known to be the Head.

Having stated so, The Matter of the Moment is, however concerned and would limit itself to the buildings set up by men as places of worship where men, women and children gather in great proximity to worship and glorify the Lord, the Creator of man and all things. The Gracious Lord, having given man the enablement to embark on such project, and man being what he is, go beyond bounds by building places of worship to include that of worship of other gods, thereby constituting themselves as demigods where they themselves could be worshipped as the Holy One.

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Proliferation of Churches started from Abrahamic era at Hebron where Abram built an altar to the Lord and each of his offspring wherever one found himself in the land God gave them, did what their father, Abram did to the Lord but with something else outside what Abram divinely understood to the extent that God referred to him as a ‘friend’.

Another instance of the spread of churches in the early days of the creation as recorded in the Holy Bible, Exodus chapter 32 verse 1 and it reads: “when the people (Israelites) saw that Moses was so long in coming down from the mountain, they gathered round Aaron and said, come, make us god who will go before us”.

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Such flimsy excuses abound today whereby people gain grounds and break off from one church or the other to establish their own thereby giving rise to the proliferation of Churches in every nooks and crannies claiming to be the true church of God and holier than the others.

Some, though spoken and sometimes not spoken out, break away from certain churches to establish their own altar/church for selfish interest because of lust for power, money, women and what have they; crisis, rustication etc. all in the name of having a call from God to do so and to save souls of the afflicted ones who unsuspectingly become more entangled and enslaved by the pangs of the demigods.

What is particular among such people who want to see themselves and love to be addressed servants of God, men of God with funny titles as priest, prophet and so on is that with the secret power they had acquired (usually demonic) they stand the chance of combining real church doctrines with whatever doctrines they had before to perform the wonders that they claim Christ and even God Himself performed.

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And after sometimes, some of their church faithfuls begin to change faith and finally break away to establish churches of their own as well; thus bringing about the proliferation of churches whereby outwardly they could be seen as the men of God but inwardly they are not since they had to conceal the sources of their power as God.

After all the preaching by the Apostles of old and even Christ, the Messiah for man not to combine true religion with any untrue one but man failed to take heed and so, the Lord rested and proclaimed that the good and the bad could assemble together till the final day when the goats would be separated from the sheep. This, therefore, continue to give man the impetus to continue the mixing up and adulteration of the true religion. Could this therefore mean that God should be blamed for being so patient and accommodating?

Who actually should carry the blame if one cannot for one reason or the other blame the idolaters for fear of constitutional breaches or threat to life? Now, the big question still in this matter of the moment is: “who is To Blame? ” Your answer is as good as mine noting that no one can blame God in any circumstance especially realizing that nobody is something or somebody before the Lord. As a matter of the moment, no one should tempt God or try Him for as in the Bible says, man is nothing but dust. For if God had no purpose for the matter, He could have stopped it, if not in Abraham’s day, it could have been in the days of Moses.

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