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Project Understanding Document Formats and Details


The application would be a made for iOS and Android devices which would focus iPhone and Android phones.

The application would display the List of different Arties. The list of Arties would have the God/Godess photo in the left and name of the Aarti in the right. The user can click on any Aarti and the respective one will be started.

Now the user moved to the particular Aarti view which will have the pages with the text here user can swipe left right for next and previous page.

At the top a button to give the option to play Aarti in audio also. User also has the ability to pause and stop audio.

All of the details would be static and will be stored within the application.

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Application Initiation Process:

Once we are awarded with the application, after that we would be submitting the wireframes for the application, which would be the rough drawings for the lay out for the screens involved in the application. The client would be asked for the confirmation along with the suggestions for the changes in the wireframing. The same would be done in non-billable hours.

Once the wireframes would be freezed, the client would be provided with the mock ups for the same, which would include two version of application icon, two versions of Splash Screen (welcome screen) and one version of the landing page. Once finalized, we would submit the complete set of the designs to be used for the application.

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The application would be divided into milestones where each milestone would be around 6-7 working days i.e. 48-56 hours and the .ipa or .app (build) file to be installed on iOS device and .apk for Android device would be provided for user acceptance testing to the client/s.

The application would be submitted with the final .ipa or .app (build) file along with the code at the time of final delivery or project completion.

The client would be provided with the audit report, Quality Assurance report and a deployment documentary that would include how to use the application.


  1. We assume that we would be doing the designs required for the application, where the wireframes (hand drawings) would be provided and the designing hours would be considered in extra billing.
  2. The application would not require any web services for data transfers.
  3. The application would be made in one language only.
  4. The application would be made for Phone devices only (no iPad and/or tablets).
  5. The data required for the application would be provided by client.

Estimate Time:

The application would take around 12 days of development time for each iPhone and Android application.

12 days will include creation of local database schema (where required data would be provided by client), application development and quality assurance for the project.

The documentary would be considered in non-billable hours.

The application would take around 12 days, which will include designing for application logo, splash screen, landing page and inner screens.

This would make a total of 12 days of time.

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Project Understanding Document Formats and Details

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