Project submitted in partial fulfillment Essay

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Project submitted in partial fulfillment


I declare that the material contained in this project is the end result of my own work and that due acknowledgement has been given in the bibliography and references to ALL sources be they printed, electronic or personal.


The current research is an investigation of contemporary literature on product placement and validating these against the results of the survey herein used. The latter involved 100 international students who are also movie-goers. Product placement has been investigated in terms of its benefits to its benefits before moving on to its history and how it has become to what it is today. The different facets of product placement were assessed in terms of its impact on movie goers. Moreover the current study made use of a questionnaire as a means of data gathering.

The respondents have been randomly selected, and made to answer a product placement questionnaire focusing on the movie Transformers. The results of the survey suggest that product placement is an effective form of advertising regardless of its form. In addition, since the movie has longer life span than other types of advertisements, this makes product placement more desireable and more effective. Just in the case of this paper, a study of the movie Transformers reveal that indeed, many of those who were surveyed has seen the movie.

Perhaps they have seen it in movie theatres. But even if its already not yet showing, some were still able to see it since it is available in other forms such as DVD and VCD. Most of the respondents were still able to recall one of the main characters in the movie – Bumblebee – suggesting that it is able to increase brand recall. When most of them say they would buy the brand they recalled and only very few said they wouldn’t because they do not trust the brand, it can therefore be said that indeed, product placement is very effective. In conclusion, product placement is an effective means of encouraging recall and raises the probability of an actual purchase.

List of Tables


Table 4-1:      Responses on Question: Have you seen the movie “Transformers?”

Table 4- 2:     Responses on Question: If you haven’t seen Transformers, to what extent are you familiar with it?

Table 4-3:      Responses on Question: What type of car is autobot bumblebee?

Table 4-4:      Responses on Question: What type of car was the evil decepticon police car?

Table 4-5:      Responses on Question: Suppose you have no financial restrictions (i.e., you can buy any car  you want), rate the probability of you choosing the following car?

Table4- 6:      Responses on Question: Name a brand you have seen in the movies recently. Describe how it was shown. (e.g. worn by a villain, advertised on film, actually used on film, you saw the logo)

Table 4-7:      Responses on Question: How vividly can you remember the details of this brand?

Table 4-8:      Responses on Question: How did this brand appear in the movie?

Table 4-9:      Responses on Question: Was this brand at the center of the story?

Table 4-10:    Responses on Question: Was there audio and visuals associated with this brand?

Table 4-11:    Responses on Question: How long was its duration on screen?

Table 4-12-1: Responses on Question: Did you actually purchase the brand?

Table 4-12-2: Responses on Question: What could be the possible reason for not purchasing the brand which you purchased?

Table 4-13:    Responses on Question: Did you notice anything new product from this brand after you have watched the movie in the billboards and TV commercials?

Table 4-14:    Do you think you would have noticed it if you hadn’t watched the movie?

Table 4-15:    How much did you enjoy the movie?

Table 4-16:    Do you think advertising using product placement works

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