Project Scope Сomplete Kitchen Remodel Essay

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Project Scope Сomplete Kitchen Remodel

Business Requirements
A complete kitchen remodel is proposed and will be located at Sponsor Representatives residence.

The residence will contain new cabinets, countertops, flooring and hardware that will update current kitchen in existing materials and result in major investment increase of the value and marketability for resale

Business Opportunity
An analysis based on interviews and inspection of the Sponsor Representative’s residence revealed that the current kitchen is outdated. The remodel will update the kitchen and increase the value of the residence.

Business Objectives and Success Criteria
The success of this project is the establishment of a new kitchen within the budget of thirty thousand dollars in the three months allocated. The kitchen remodel must be visually appealing and be functional upon completion.

Customer or Market Needs:

Business Risks
Without the kitchen remodel, it will be impossible to increase kitchen investment value. Another risk is the financial risk of the investment itself due to loss of market value.

Vision of the Solution
The new kitchen will be used to cook everyday meals and also host events.

Vision Statement
The new kitchen will be used in the future to host events and increase the value of the residence.

Assumptions and Dependencies: None
Limitations and Exclusions: None

Stakeholder Profiles

DimensionDrivers ConstraintDegree of Freedom

Schedule Complete in
Three Months________________________________________
FeaturesUpdated Cabinets________________________________________

QualityQuality Cabinets Cost of Materials ________________________________________

Staff Five PM Students Outsourcing Contractors________________________________________

Cost Budget of 30K

Project Priorities

StakeholderMajor Value Attributes Major Interests

Constraints ________________________________________
Updated KitchenIncreased Value Time of Max budget
To ResidenceCompletion of 30K

Operating Environment:
The homeowner will be responsible for utilities used while completing the project.

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