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Project Proposal Essay


HIV/ AIDS is a disease which has been prevalent among many people particularly in poor developing countries sub-Saharan Africa is part. HIV stands for human immuno deficiency virus which causes aids. This disease leads to lowering of person’s immunity to other diseases (Chambers,D.E & Wedel, K.R (2005). With the lowered immunity the body becomes vulnerable to attacks by opportunistic infections.

HIV/AIDS has been termed by many as a monster of the present day because the devastating effects it has had on the population. It has caused the deaths of many reliable young men and women who were the back bone of the economy. It has rendered many people orphans widows and widowers leaving them with no one to provide for their daily bread. It is for this reason there fore hat urgent measure s should be put in place to curb the spread of the disease.

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This project is intended to bring down the prevalence rates by introducing key measures. These are creation of community awareness, supply of free ARVs, supply of free protective devices such as condoms. Another way is reduction of stigma through voluntary counseling and testing.

Thesis statement

The spread of HIV aids which has remained a problem for a long time can be curbed.

This can be achieved only if approaches proposed in this project proposal are followed and implemented to the letter.


The causes and consequences of HIV/AIDS have been widely discussed and as such much attention should be directed towards reduction of the spread.

There are many ideologies that have been advanced to support the source or cause of HIV/ AIDS. Some people have argued that aids is caused by witch craft while others argue that it is not real and yet others say it is a punishment to man kind for sinning against God. How ever, none of these ideologies should be taken seriously because AIDS is real and it is actually a viral disease (www.medterms.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=3769 – 4).

By actual analysis it has been established that the project on reduction of the spread of HIV/AIDS is likely to benefit the entire population. This is through increased economic growth as result of a reduction of deaths among the working population. Also through reduction of spread of aids there will be reduction on human suffering in general.

It is also argued that reduction in spread of this disease its likely to impact negatively on manufacturers of ARVS and other drugs that treat the disease. Not with standing this is can concluded that there no absolute gainers and losers in the fight against the spread of this disease.

Policy elements


To gain a remarkable reduction in the levels of HIV/AIDS prevalence among the population and thus an improvement in life.


  1. Improving living standards
  2. Creating awareness about the reality


  1. Creating employment opportunities
  2. To achieve free supply of ARVS to the less fortunate in the society
  3. Educating the community on the causes of the disease
  4. Sensitizing the community on safe sex practices

Benefits and services

The project on reduction of spread of HIV/AIDS is seen to have great visible benefits to the targeted population. These benefits will range from information and education on the cause of HIV/AIDS and how it can be prevented. The project is intended to provide free ARVs to those already affected b the scourge.

            Other benefits and services expected from the project include free guidance and counseling to both positive and negative people in terms of status. This is seen to along way in reducing if not eliminating stigma which has been long associated with this disease. There will also be ‘home care’ for the bed ridded victims of this disease. This is likely to give hope to those others already affected by this disease both directly or in directly.


There are two categories of people who will be eligible to participate for benefit from this project. There those already infected by the disease and negative people who are wiling t actively participate in spreading the gospel of fighting HIV/AIDS.          The two categories are to be identified by voluntary testing and call for volunteers among the population. Once identified the categories will be listed and actively engaged in order to discover the full benefits of the program.

Service delivery

            To begin with as way of ensuring that service delivery is executed well, there will be a code of ethics that is to be observed by employees. An example of this a abiding by the confidentially rule which states that those dealing with clients or sick should not divulge their HIV status they are under duty to so.

            Another way to ensure proper service delivery is by acting promptly to distress call e.g. a call from a sick in need of help say counseling. Showing empathy to those affected by the scourge is another way to win public trust. Through this the services delivered through the project will be perceived good and important by the community.

            Finally by taking complaints and compliments and acting on them appropriately will prove vital to good service delivery.

Problem to be addressed

The spread of HIV/AIDS has been a major problem affecting many countries especially in sub Saharan Africa. This proposal is aimed at tackling this key problem i.e. which has remained a nightmare to many i.e. spread of HIV/AIDS

The spread of this disease has not been arrested as a result of failure to implement policies which have been formulated. The policies aimed at curbing the spread of HIV/AIDS has failed to succeed because the government has half heartedly opted to implement the policies.


At the end of every year assessment should be undertaken to evaluate if there has been any program in eradication of spread of HIV/AIDS in areas under coverage.

Some of the activities for the indication of success in the program will entail;

1.Carrying out research  in the  areas  in the current prevalence rate of HIV/AIDS spreads prevailing data from hospitals and VCT centre through  questioners and interviews  to get  feedback from the community about their taking  of the activities  of the program  and its organization. Gain from the project and both compliments and complaints against the programs activity which will be used for appraisal of the program.

  1. There should be noted overall change in moral standards of the community. Prostitution, adultery and rape cases should have reduced in high rates from the social educational activities such as communal work, participation in the program and seminars in HIV/AIDS awareness campaign activities which should be undertaken in all cities and towns.
  2. Our supplies for products such as condoms dispensers and educational materials should be running out of stock and replenishing done more often. So tenders will eventually be often offered and varied.
  3. People should be freely attending aids testing and be ready to freely talk about the disaster without fear of stigmatization.
  4. Those infected should be able to undertake or carry on their normal life and remain productive. Family should have made it a norm to have HIV/AIDS and sexuality discussions at home.


The program is to be undertaken in phases with each phase taking a 3 year period starting from phase1, through phase2 to phase4.

In phase1, the main concern would be accruing professional and subordinate staff who shall be responsible for the policy formulated, implemented and evaluation of the program. Also  the conduct with community all have to start  to ensure the awareness  of the community  of the presence and the  fullness of the program The other hand achievement  will have to be posted as media stations to give the program a wider outlook and presence.

In phase2, the program the program will hit the road aggressive campaign now that the staff are ready morally and aware of the requirements and targets. In this phase activities still carried a phase1 will have to keep abreast with the developments in the stage. At this point the participation in the community work will have hit the road, as it is very acceptable with main challenge viewing changing community participation of the HIV/aids disaster.

At the last phase will entail consolidating the gains and improving on the inadequacies of the programme with an aim to have holistic achievement of the programme. So those activities which are not producing required results will be done away with and instead concentrate most of the resources on those policies that have high result.

Problem to be addressed

The problem is that with all the material and human resource which have already been used, very little or no considerable gain has been achieved in the current fight against the spread of the disaster in majority of the countries especially the sub-Saharan countries in Africa.

The statistics have shown very little reduction inn the spread of the disaster and infact it is has actually just been reduced to an arithmetic growth rate which is not acceptable given the size of the resources used in the curbing of the menace. The situation is even made worse by the fact that, the cure is yet to be discovered.

The program world therefore ensures the spread of the disaster is controlled and that those affected are well cared for and the people perception of the disaster changes and that people give up the fight just because a cure is not currently on shelves.

The most important thing should be achievement in ensuring that the working population is not depleted and the professionals still remain to carry on the research and above all keep mankind from extinction.


Chambers,D.E & Wedel, K.R (2005). Social Policy and social programs for the practical public policy analyst, 9th edition

Definition of HIV/ AIDS available at:

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