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Project Proposal

The existing road systems do not alert the traffic congestion, as a result more vehicles coming into the lane increases congestion and cause traffic jam. Congestion on roads has brought burden to users as a lot of time is consumed on roads .Also congestion leads to loss of fuel. Emergency vehicles such as ambulance and fire engines miss direct path to places they are required due to congested lanes. GSM based traffic congestion alert system is proposed to alert for congestion condition and avoid further deterioration of traffic .The system can be deployed on already existing GSM network .It uses sensors, transmitters, receivers, GSM modem , microcontroller and LCD screen. Sensors are placed on the lanes to monitor traffic. Transmitter, receiver and LCD screen are placed at every junction.

SIM card is inserted into GSM modem and the system is powered on. Modem registers itself to GSM network.SIM numbers of neighboring GSM modems are stored in transmitting microcontroller. Threshold time for sensor is set. When a vehicle passes on road , sensor placed underneath the road starts sensing the vehicle. If condition prevails for more than threshold time, interrupt signal from the sensor is sent to microcontroller. Microcontroller detects and services the interrupt. Display messages are stored in interrupt service routine. Microcontroller sends corresponding message to alert congestion to GSM modem. The message is also displayed on LCD display.

GSM modem transmits the message in form of short message service (SMS) in all receiving modems in surrounding junctions. When other modems receive the message is decoded in microcontroller and displayed on LCD screen connected to corresponding modems. This enables the driver to take alternative congestion free route. After the switch is released the message indicating lane is clear is sent from transmitter junction to all other receiving junctions in the same way. In a short time all LCD screens display the message. The process keeps on repetition as long as the system is powered on.

Revew topics

Microcontroller and its applications.
GSM networks.
Wireless telecommunication networks.

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