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Project Plan Event

Green Project plan draft 05-10-2010 Project proposal 1st version Monday 13 Sept Project proposal final version Monday 20 Sept Project plan – 1 version Tuesday 28 Sept Presentation in week 39 Project plan – final version Tuesday 5 Oct Production programme – 1 version Monday 11 Oct Production programme – final version Monday 18 Oct st st

Number of time event will be held Date and place of event Number of visitors/participants Costs per person

1 22 and 23 of July 2011 Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam 2000 Friday Saturday € 10,00 € 15,00 nd rd


Annelies de Bruine RIVM [email protected] 0615279834 Deborah Hofste Project leader [email protected] 0612120246 Juan Caceres Creative manager [email protected] 065120404090 Rick Sam Production manager [email protected] 0613265586 Anna Oosterling Financial manager [email protected] 0612199242 Cathleen Verbond Marketing manager [email protected] 0641145280

Project team


Table of content 1. 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.6 Introduction Faya festivals Client Background Client‟s objective „‟GREEN Festival‟‟ Project plan Deviations 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

2. 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.4

Project contents Structure plan Detailed plan Ambience Atmospheric Impression Production method

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3. 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6

Marketing and Communication Targets group Marketing plan Media SWOT-analysis Communication plan Fundraising plan

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Control aspects (QOFTIM) Quality Organization Facilities Time Information Money

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1. Introduction 1.1 Faya Events

Faya Events is an upcoming festival management company currently working with 5 employees, each in their own field of expertise. We are all young adults, and we have a fresh outlook on your festival. Taking care of your festival from A to Z and to for fill your every need is our profession. Every phase at Faya Events contains a so called go, no go moment so we can keep you up to date and no steps are taken without your approval. 1.2 Client

The client of the festival is the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, also known as RIVM. The RIVM has expertise about health, nutrition, nature and the environment. They investigate all those matters and want to share their knowledge with the rest of the world. The RIVM works mainly for the Dutch government. They especially work for 3 ministries:
Health, Welfare and Sport; Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment, and Agriculture, Nature Management and Food Quality. For this project Annelies de Bruine was asked by the RIVM to come up with a project to raise awareness for environmental problems. She had to find a way to endorse youngsters to live a more environmental friendly life. 1.3 Background

The RIVM started in 1984. The Dutch government decided to combine 2 departments, the National Institute for Drinking Water Supply (RID) and the Institute for Waste Research (IVA). They took care of vaccinates, researched the Q-fever, advised the National Coordinator for Counterterrorism about how to react on a nuclear, chemical and biologic attack and monitors the current state of our environment. Nowadays, many youngsters don‟t know what the RIVM is and does. Annelies set up a short research on this target group (young adults between the age of 18 and 25) and used the advices of the communication advice company. The research showed that a popular place this target group meets is at festivals. The communication advice company then suggested organizing such a festival. Annelies has no experience with producing music festivals. She set up an assignment to come up and present a concept for a 2-day music festival. 1.4 Client’s objective

The RIVM wants to activate youngsters to be good for the environment. Annelies de Bruine works for the RIVM. Their goal is to reach out to young people between the age of 18 and 25, in a way they can relate to. This is necessary to raise awareness for the consequences of global warming and pollution for them and their children so they will be endorsed to live more environmentally friendly. Young people need to know that they can have fun in a green way! The RIVM needs young people to stand up for their environment and take appropriate action. They have the future of our world in their hands. 1.5 “GREEN Festival”

Faya events made a concept of a Festival which the RIVM totally relates to. The festival is going to present the values RIVM stands for. With use of all biodegradable and ecological products, workshops and performing artists, this festival is going to reach a lot of young adults, make them active and successfully fulfill the goal of the RIVM. 1.6 Project Plan

This document is the project plan draft. It provides the client with an exact picture of the event. The project plan is a detailed version of the approved project proposal. It contains an extensive marketing plan, fundraising plan and communication plan. The project plan draft is the first document of the preparation phase. The preparation is the phase of that focuses on the planning or development of a design. After approving the final version of the project plan, the event will step into the production phase. The comments of the project proposal will be adjusted in the project plan. The wishes/changes of the RIVM are improved in the project plan. 1.7 Deviations

Unlike the project proposal, the project plan contains more information about workshops and how to interact with the visitor. The finances are extended in the Project Plan.


2. 2.1

Project contents Structure plan

Concept The concept is to reach out to young adults between the age of 18 and 25 in a way they can relate to being environmentally friendly. By reaching out and raising awareness of the consequences of global warming and pollution the target group will be endorsed to live more environmentally friendly. This concept brings environment friendly companies, artists and music lovers in one place where the thought is being green while having fun and listening to music. Image and Theme To persuade youngsters to live more environmentally friendly the image and theme of the festival will be: Green (environmentally friendly) o Will reflect the meaning of being environmentally friendly and the reason the whole event is based on. Fun o Will reflect the party and enjoyment of the visitors of the festival.

With prolonged exposure to a green and fun environment, the visitors of the festival will be more open to be environmentally friendly. By trying to change the thought of being green is silly and expensive, youngsters may develop a comprehensive understanding of being environmentally friendly and will see the positive factors of this festival. Message The message is live more environmentally friendly in this world. Holland is informed, but does not really do something to improve the environment they live in. The message brings people back to a few hundred years ago when people lived with a lot of green surrounding them. This is a good thing because then they will appreciate what they have in their surroundings. As a result, young adults will become more aware and endorsing to see things in a positive way and make them being greener. Objectives Our objectives are: – Create awareness of the environment before, during and after the festival – Obtain a 2% growth of energy saving products by the festival before the end of 2011 – To grow 15% in the upcoming 5 years as a festival. By having a bigger location, more artist and more visitors Wecycle, Workshops and GREEN test Wecycle is a way of recycling your old electronic products. This sort of recycling will be done during the festival. For every one or two electronic products the visitors bring to the festival they will receive a free consumption for drinks or food.


There will be two workshops one for woman and one for men. For woman it will consist on a make-up workshop and for men a shaving workshop. For this we choose Rituals to do the workshop and supply their products, because their products are environmentally friendly and biological. The GREEN test will be named „‟How green are you?‟‟. The winners of the test will win some amazing prices such as bikes. Line-up Headliners Friday July 22 nd

Friday will be the party night. We want to schedule two famous artist and one smaller artist. In the timetable above are the artists shown in red and the times are an indication of the programming. The blue parts are the times at which the DJ is going to play. The DJ will play party music such as dance, drum & bass and dub step, to keep an alive atmosphere in-between the
performances of the artists. Boemklatsch Boemklatsch? Boem, klatsch, kick, snare. It‟s that simple. It‟s all about the beat with the Boemklatsch collective: a colorful, creative and exuberant group of friends who guarantee to tear the roof off any party, anywhere. Their reputation is growing across Europe for being ahead of the game in every form of uplifting electronic music and partying harder than the crowds they entertain. th Retrieved September 15 , 2010, from: Source: The Madd This quartet from Rotterdam (The Netherlands) knows how to keep a beat. They started out playing Beat -or rather ‘Biet’, as they say in Holland- in 2005. Sharply dressed and knowing their tongue-in-cheek humor, their sound evolved from the primitive sounding 60’s garage to well-arranged power pop songs, still influenced by a musical area that is far behind us, yet sounding modern, fresh and played with an urgency that is hard to find in today‟s pop music. The Madd had a top twenty hit single in Holland with rapper (!) Dio and played every major club and festival from the Lowlands festival to the Amsterdam Paradiso. th Retrieved September 15 , 2010, from: Source: Headliners Saturday July 23 rd

Saturday is going to be the festival day. There will be a main stage and an outside area. At the main stage the artist performances are going to take place. We want to book three headliners for Saturday. Outside, a „ green‟ fashion show is going to take place. During the day you can shop for second hand clothes and buy food if you‟re hungry. We are going to create a lounge where people can relax on hay bales, watch movies in the atmosphere of a silent disco (the sounds of the movie will be coming out of headphones) and listen to a DJ playing music. In 3 areas, DJs are going to play. Main stage Outside Lounge Rock, Britpop, Indie Pop, top 40, mainstream R&B, Hiphop


C-mon & Kypski Eclectic visionaries C-Mon & Kypski proved themselves as genre-bending geniuses on their last album, Where the Wild Things Are, which Esquire Magazine fondly referred to as, “The hot shit in Europe right now.” 3 years later, and with extensive European and US touring under their belts,
C-Mon & Kypski are back in the studio working their magic to shatter expectations and take their music to the next level with their upcoming release titled: “We Are Square”, scheduled for October 2009. th Retrieved September 15 , 2010, from:!/cmonandkypski?v=info Cancelation The Q4 and introducing Perquisite Because of the cancelation of The Q4 we decided to book a similar artist. This became Perquisite. The Q4 was previously booked to perform on the stage of GREEN but have announced on the 1 of October 2010 that they are quitting the live shows because of the difficulty of projecting their album „‟Sound Surroundings‟‟ to a live act. Arts The Beatdoctor one of the members of The Q4 has decided to leave the band to focus on his solo career. STW en Sense the remaining two members have decided to continue as a producing Dou. This is not the end of The Q4. st Retrieved October 1 , 2010, from: Source: Perquisite is a composer/producer in Amsterdam and started to create beats at age 14. In March of 2001 he started a record label called Unexpected Records. That same year he released his first 7-track EP „‟Outta Nowhere‟‟. A year later he released his second EP „‟Double Vision‟‟. These releases came before he met MC Pete Philly with whom he became Pete Philly & Perquisite. The first result of this soulful coalition was the EP „‟Mindstate‟‟, which had its release in January 2004 on Unexpected Records. . Pete & Perq continued their collaboration and in march 2005 they released their 17track debut album „‟Mindstate‟‟, which was released all over Europe & Japan. In September 2007 their second album, „‟Mystery Repeats‟‟, was released in The Netherlands through Unexpected Records / ANTI. In May 2009, Perquisite was awarded with the so called ‘Duiveltje’ for Best Producer of The Netherlands. The award is handed out once a year by the Dutch Music Society (MCN) and is voted for by Dutch musicians. End of 2009 Pete Philly & Perquisite decided to go into their separate ways. Right now Perquisite is working on the debut album by Dutch singer Urita, as well as preparing the release of th his official solo debut album which will be released October 18 2010. st Retrieved October 1 , 2010, from: Source: Go back to the zoo Go Back to the Zoo is an Amsterdam-based band. Brothers Teun (guitar) and Cas (vocals)
had been playing together since they were little kids, when one day they decided they needed a drummer. They called their friend Bram and told him the good news, and so Bram became the drummer. A while later they met a nice guy while standing in the waiting line for a Strokes concert. His name was Lars, and Cas, Teun and Bram decided that Lars should be the bass player. Lars, who had never touched a bass guitar in his life, liked the idea and started practicing like crazy. And so Go Back to the Zoo was born. From that moment on they have been writing songs in a dusty old cellar (that also stored a collection of mounted animals). All across the Netherlands Go Back to the Zoo performed their songs, and all across the Netherlands the people liked it. In 2008 they recorded an EP with producer Torre Florim (De Staat), which got picked up by national radio. Their single „Beam me up‟ was used by Nike for a worldwide campaign and after that, things went quick. After their second single „Electric‟ became Megahit and entered the top ten charts on iTunes the band is ready for world domination. th Retrieved September 15 , 2010, from: Source: st



Detailed plan

Location The location will be the Transformatorhuis at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam. It is situated in the west side of Amsterdam. It has a terrace and a big inside to fit the visitors of the event due to his capacity of 1500 people. Detailed information: Address : Transformatorhuis Klönneplein 2 1014 DD Amsterdam 020 – 586 07 10 700

Phone number m2

: :

On the image below you can see the outside of the Transformatorhuis and map wise where it is located.


Transportation „ Vehicle Car

Direction From the south From the north –

Route Visitors can take exit S 103 on the ring West (signposted to Haarlem and Halfweg) Then follow the signs to Amsterdam Centre Then turn right into the Haarlemmerweg Then turn right at the 5th traffic-light to park their car in Parking garage Westerpark They will find the Westergasfabriek on the other side of the canal. Visitors can take exit S 104 on the Ring West (signposted to Haarlem) Then follow the signs to Amsterdam Centre Then turn right to Amsterdam Centre Then turn right into the Haarlemmerweg Then turn right again at the 4th traffic-light to park their car in Parking garage Westerpark They will find the Westergasfabriek on the other side of the canal Bus 21 to Geuzenveld Stop Van Hallstraat They will find the Westergasfabriek on the other side of the canal Tram 10 to Van Hallstraat Stop Van Limburgstirumplein or Van Hallstraat They will find the Westergasfabriek on the other side of the canal Tram 12 to Nassaukade Stop Bos en Lommerweg Change to Bus 21 direction Central Station Stop Van Hallstraat They will find the Westergasfabriek on the other side of the canal Head to the north After 1.3 km go left and go to the Planciusstraat After 90 m go to the right to Haarlemmerplein After 0.7 km the visitor will arrive to the location Head to the north After 2.1 km go left and go to the Planciusstraat After 90 m go to the right to Haarlemmerplein After 0.7 km the visitor will arrive to the location

Public Transportation

From Central Station

From city center

From Sloterdijk Station


From Central Station

From city center


Set up outside Doors Stage Lounge Bar Stall Crowed barrier High black fence Decoration : : : : : : : : 1 to entrance the inside of the event 5x4x1m For DJ booth 4x5m This will have a silent lounge theme with headphones 3x1m For drinks 2x1m 2x1m 1x2x1m All around the place from the bar till the stage and lounge This will be references to being green and environmentally friendly The specific decoration will be put the company that we will hire This will be in detail in the production program. Energy saving and LED




Set up inside Doors : 1 visitor‟s entrance 2 Toilets 4 safety exit 6x9m For artist to perform 5x1m For drinks 4x1m To attend to wounds of the visitors 4x6m For the jackets and bags of the visitors 3x2m For coin sales 2x1m 2x1m All around the place from the bar till the stage. This will be references to being green and environmentally friendly The specific decoration will be put the company that we will hire This will be in detail in the production programme Energy saving and LED

Stage Bar First Aid Wardrobe Coin locket Crowed barrier High black fence Decoration

: : : : : : : :






2.2 Ambience Ambience The overall ambiance of the festival will be light, bright, friendly and fun. When a visitor enters the festival he/she will see the comfortable lounge tent placed outside. Inside this tent we use a silent disco theme to make you relax and enjoy your stay at the tent. Next to the tent visitors can get a drink at the outside bar and take a walk on the market with second hand shops. The feeling that the visitor will get when he/she steps inside the building is be warm and trusted. This is created with the lights that will be bright and colorful adapting to the music and give you the idea of wanting to move and have fun the entire day and night. With a space of 544m2 people will have enough space to move but not too much that it seems empty. The bar of the festival will have green lights to still give a hint that it‟s a green festival and that everything they see is environment friendly. When the visitor passes the security guards they will notice that the system is careful and discrete to avoid problems for other visitors. There will not be a moment that the visitor will see the same colors as the colors change to interact with the theme of the festival and the way the visitor is enjoying his/her stay. The visitor will get involved actively and make them interact with the theme there will be wecycle, workshops and a test. Wecycle will be done by every one or two electronic products the visitor brings will give them a free consumption. There will be two workshops one for woman and one for men. For the woman it will consist of a make-up workshop with products of Rituals. For the men it will consist
of a shaving workshop with products of Rituals. Finally there will be a test named „‟How green are you‟‟. The winners of the test will win some amazing prices such as bikes. From start to finish this festival will be a joyride for the visitor. From the outside music and lounge to the music inside the building, lights and the many new and interesting ways that he/she will be informed about green. This is a festival they don’t want to miss out or leave from.


2.3 Atmospheric Impression


2.4 Production method Product Stages Definition During “GREEN” there will be live performances from DJs and artists. There will be one stage outside and one stage for the inside.


The LED-lighting equipment will be rented from or . Reason for rental is this is a 1-time-event. LEDpanels will be the background of the stage and these will make nice projections. The lighting also has to be set up that the artist(s) has to be clearly visible as well and also these lights will give a great overall effect. DJ‟s and bands will bring their own music equipment besides the sound system of course. The speakers will be placed on/around the stage that people further in the Transformatorhuis can still talk to each.


Lounge area

The lounge area is outside. People can make use of the headphones (silent disco) these are to listen to the music while they are relaxing on a hay
bale. Barriers will be used. This for the safety of the performers and the visitors as well. Next to the wardrobe, the first aid care will have space to attend.


First Aid


The staff that will be working during „‟GREEN‟‟ will be experienced workers as we are going to work together with the agency „‟Randstad‟‟.

A more detailed production information file will be found later during the development phase, in the production programme.



Marketing and communication

3.1 Targets Group The age of the main target group of the festival initially was 14 to 25. To avoid problems with under aged visitors and to spare costs for wristbands to indicate youngsters older than 18, the target group age has been raised from 14 up to 18 years old.

Main Target Group Studying youngsters These boys or girls are finishing up their secondary education at VWO/Athenaeum level or following a postsecondary vocational college like MBO/HBO or studying at a University. Every month they receive student income education and housing costs. The room they live in is situated in a student house in a medium to large-size town such as Amsterdam, The Hague, Leiden and Delft. They have a part-time/weekend job at a grocery shop like Albert Heijn or a café/bar/restaurant to fund their social life. In the weekends they go see a
concert at a concert hall like Paradiso, a gig at a pop podium like Tivoli, party in a club like Hollywood or drink a beer in a regular café/bar. They travel from one place to another by public transport. With their free student train travel card they travel for free during the week or the weekends. About 60% has a driver‟s license but only 10% of them own a car. 99% of the students own a bike in one or two cities. Working youngsters These boys or girls graduated this year, last year, the year before or didn‟t go to a secondary vocational college. Only a few of them haven‟t got a full time job. Their income is estimated at 1300 Euros a month. Either they still live in a student house, just moved to a small apartment or bought/rented a house with their significant other. They still live in medium to large-scale towns like Amsterdam, The Hague, Leiden and Delft to be close to their work office. In the weekends they go see a concert at a concert hall like Paradiso, a gig at a pop podium like Tivoli or a regular café/bar. They do not own a free student train travel card anymore and travel from place to another with their own car or a car borrowed from their mother and/or father. Sub Target Group Environmentalists These people have a job and a house of their own. Some of them still study but most of them don‟t. Their income is estimated at 1500/1700 euro‟s a month. These people have a little bit more to spend than the studying and the working youngsters. They often live around the city because it‟s cheaper than living in the center. In the weekends they try to be outside as much as they can, enjoying the few solar beams Holland has to offer. They think about pollution a lot and try not to waste anything. Secondary Target Group Second-hand shop owners These people are hard workers. They usually own a small store on a insignificant corner or street. They are almost never in a shopping mall or street. You‟d have to search in little alleyways or streets not in the neighbourhood of a shopping area. They usually do not make a lot of profit on their own, since not many people are interested in second hand clothing.


3.2 Marketing Plan To clarify the picture of the marketing plan, we use the marketing mix of the 5 P‟s. This will inform the client strategically about
what plans we have and what steps we are going to take. Because of the fact that the plan has to be worked out in detail, there is a P added to the mix. This one is of great significance, since the th 5 P stands for personnel & partnerships.


The two-day festival “Green.” The festival contains: – a chill lounge(Saturday) – a main stage provided with performing artists (DJ‟s, Friday) – a second-hand clothing fair(Saturday) – performing bands/ DJ‟s (Saturday) – Workshops (Saturday) The festival is supposed to make youngsters, between the age of 18 to 25, aware of their unhealthy way of life and helping them improve it by living green. Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam. This venue will work out best, because of the large spaces in the several rooms. The terrain around the Westergasfabriek will also become of great convenience because the second day of the festival will require an outside area. The admission fee of the festival will differ per day. The admission fee for Friday will be €10,- and the fee for Saturdays‟ event will be € 15,-. The price of the admission fee on Saturday is higher because of the bigger offer of facilities that day. Friday, which is the party day, the logos of our sponsors (RIVM, Greenpeace, Stichting Doen, SNS Reaal Fonds, Prins Bernhardt Cultuur Fonds, WNF and Rituals ) will be displayed on the frame of the stage. Further, their logos will be displayed on the T-shirts of the staff. Our sponsors‟ logos will be found across the event. Saturday will work the same way, more or less. The difference is that the fair is on Saturday, which means that our sponsors also have a stand. They will also be mentioned at the end of the fashion show. Since Greenpeace uses volunteers for their public work we agreed on the fact that Greenpeace is sending a handful of volunteers helping around the event. This will spare us money. We also benefit from the fact that these are Greenpeace volunteers and if anybody would understand our message and knows how to broadcast it, it‟s them. Signing up can be done at the website of Greenpeace. The sponsoring will happen in merchandise instead of money. This is because the sponsors cannot outbid the government. WNF will provide us with bio-degradable cups and plates. Greenpeace is going to provide us with personnel(as mentioned
before) and WNF is going to take care of the technicalities of the stage and the lighting within the Westergasfabriek. The stages will be powered by green energy (from WNF).




Personnel & Partnerships


3.3 Media

The promotion advancing the festival will be done by newspapers, television, mouth-to-mouth communication and refers from our sponsors to the festival. The newspapers Sp!ts and Metro already agreed on placing our advertisement for one month preliminary to the festival. Also TMF is dedicating an episode of “Kijk dit nou!” to living green as a youngster and will hand out two tickets in that episode. At the public channels, Nederland 1, 2 en 3 we will get a mini commercial, courtesy of the government. These commercial will be broadcasted one month advancing the event. 3FM will be our media partner in all of this. 3FM does so because they want to support our festival and (of most important) the message. Our cooperation is a match made in heaven. 3FM is a serious radio station but also very now and young (appealing to target group). Our festival shares the same profile. The cooperation will result in commercials about the festival in their show. They are also allowed to give away 6 tickets and a big stand of 3fm will be placed at the fair. The 3FM website will be expanded with a separate page. This page will contain all the information about the festival. It will also provide our contact address for any questions our visitors might have. 3FM will be well represented throughout the whole event (their logo will also be displayed on the t-shirts of the personnel and on the frame of the stage). Their DJ‟s will
get a bit of playtime and they will also make a report of the festival and broadcast it on their radio show the day after. Our press release media-partner is also 3fm. They are experienced in handling with the media and know how to make our event look good.

3.4 SWOT-analysis

Positive Strengths – Clear internal communication – The project is innovative – Respect for one another – Project is environment friendly – We use dropbox – Network – Good cooperation Opportunities – Subsidies – Big main sponsors – Government and media will like the – concept – More people go green – If the visitors are happy with the festival there might be a sequel (maybe even a annual festival).

Negative Weaknesses – We are inexperienced – Concept of the festival is relatively new – We have a low budget – Great click between our group could backfire

Threats – Tight budget (green stuff is very expensive) – Weather – Concept might not attract target group – Other festivals happening round the same time – Acts aren‟t well received – Negative police interference


3.5 Communication Plan Our festival is about making youngsters between the age of 18 to 25 aware of our decreasing environment, and encourage their will to change that. Therefore spreading the word about our festival is of most importance. That‟s why a communication plan is made. It is a overview of the way we are presenting the festival, and with what message. This will make it easier for the client to understand how we are going to make this festival a well visited success. Communicati on A. Product target group Studying youngsters Learn something (be green) and have a good time doing it Have a good „green„ time and learn something Living green is not as hard and expensive as you think Living green is not as hard and expensive as you think You can have fun and still be doing it in the way you prefer; green.
Direct marketing Advertisement Informal Circa 5 months in front of festival Circa 5 months in front of festival On the festival itself RIVM Email Internet Telephone Start living green Communication objective Communication Message Means of Communicatio n Style + Tone Frequency + Timing Sender Feedback opportunities Possible Return Service

Working youngsters

Direct marketing Advertisement



Email Internet telephone

Start living green

Environmental ists

A festival can be green

Direct marketing



Email Internet Telephone

Continue living green

B. Fundraising target groups Environmental Try to let the organisation organisations Invest in the festival so the costs will stay low for us and therefore low for the costumers (tickets) Organisations who like to be
associated to the festival (and it’s concept) Try to let the organisations invest in the festival so the costs will stay low for us and therefore low for the costumers (tickets)

-The significance Direct of investing in marketing(com green projects by munication) organisations – Sponsoring events like these can increase their membership


Circa a year RIVM (10 months latest)prelimi nary to the festival

Telephone and face 2 face

Corporation sequel

-The significance Direct of investing in marketing(com green projects by munication organisations – Sponsoring events like these can increase their membership


Circa a year (10 months latest) preliminary to the festival


Telephone and face 2 face

Corporation sequel

Other Parties Second-hand shop owners Let them sell their clothes on the fair the second day of the festival. To let young adults to visit our festival A festival is a good place to sell your merchandise. Music is a good way to send out a message advertisement Informal/ formal 2/3 months to RIVM the event itself At the event itself RIVM Telephone email


Direct communicatio n


Face to face telephone


3.6 Fundraising plan Fundraising Target Group Fundraising Target Fundraising Message (Posibble Return Service) When to Apply When to Expect a Reaction Who Applies

a. Subsidizers/Funds Stichting Doen
Support our festival financially Associated with green/Cooperation sequel A year preliminary to the festival A year to ten months preliminary to the festival

Marketing manager

SNS Reaal Fonds

Support our festival financially

Associated with green/Cooperation sequel

A year preliminary to the festival

A year to ten months preliminary to the festival

Marketing manager

Prins Bernhardt Cultuur Fonds

Support our festival financially

Associated with green/ Cooperation sequel

A year preliminary to the festival

A year to ten months preliminary to the festival

Marketing manager

Sponsors 3FM
Support our festival in the media Associated with green/ support green living A year preliminary to the festival A year to ten months preliminary to the festival

Marketing manager


Support our festival by sending volunteers

Supporting green living

Ten months preliminary to the festival

Nine months preliminary to the festival Nine months preliminary to the festival 10 months preliminary to the festival

Marketing manager


Support our festival by handling the workshops

Supporting green living

Ten months preliminary to the festival

Marketing manager


Support our festival by funding our biodegradable cups and plates

Supporting green living

A year preliminary to the festival

Marketing manager


4. Control aspects (QOFTIM) 4.1 Quality

Product Logo

The logo must have the pms colors 330 U en 152 U.

On the computer the colors will be checked and when it is printed out there will be a pms fang next to it to check it to. Looking if the correct logo is put on Hyves/Facebook as well if the option to let everybody join as a member is chosen. Finally we check is the poll has the same questions as our survey.


There has to be a Hyves and a Facebook that will accept everyone that wants
to join. This Hyves must content the same Logo as the campaign itself and a poll so people can answer the answers of the survey. The A4 paper for the letters must be „‟green paper white‟‟ of Viking with 90 grams of weight. Envelops must be „‟green envelops white‟‟ of Viking with 90 grams of weight and a format of 156 x 220 mm and a sealing. Everything printed will be done with print cartridges of Ecotone. During the entire campaign there will be a billboard promoting our festival.

House style; Brief paper House style; envelops

Will check by looking if the sample that is made has the A4 paper of Viking and weighting it.

The sample‟s format will be measured and checked as will be the envelops if they are of good weight and correctly of the Viking material wanted.

Print cartridge

Everything printed will be done with print cartridges of Ecotone. Keeping contact with the person responsible that gives the assignment to change the billboards. By doing so we check if it really happens during the whole campaign. The day before there will be a check-up if everything is clean and ready for the event.

CBS; Billboards

Westergasfabriek/ Transformatorhuis Lights

This is where the festival will take place and will be clean and organized. The lights be LED lighting. These lights are bright, can change colours and energy saving. The music will be for different type of music lovers so that everyone has their sort of music. Will be diverse to appeal to the target group. Will be diverse to appeal to the target group. This will be for the lounge room to create a soft atmosphere.

Before hanging everything up the check will be done is the bolts are light saving and are of bright colours.


There will be a focus group that reflects our target group and so see what they like and want to hear.


There will be a focus group that reflects our target group and so see what they liked and want to see live. There will be a focus group that reflects our target group and so see what they liked and want to see live. Check all headphones to see if they work before of the event. (Stagelight)


Silent disco headphones



This will be well experienced people to work at the event. The cups are fully biodegradable. The capacity of these cups is 200ml

There will be a check of every person CV to check if the experience is real. These cups will be obtained from Bioware. This company is specialised in selling environment friendly products The beer trays also will be obtained from greenproduct-specialist Bioware


Beer trays

These beer trays are fully biodegradable and can carry 6 drinking glasses. Trashcans will be spread out through the festival area. The cans are in groups of 3, each a different colour

Trash cans

1 colour for biodegradable materials. 1 colour for foodleftovers and 1 more for all other kinds of garbage. By separating all types of garbage it can be deposed without hurting the environment

Staff clothing

The staff will be wearing biodegradable t-shirts. These will be printed with the logos of the sponsors. All the food which won‟t be sold will be donated to a charity so it won‟t be thrown away and wasted. This is possible as long the products are sealed and have an expiration date.

Greengiving is a company which also is specialised in environment friendly products. This company sells and prints logos on the shirts.


The food will be given to the food bank. Food bank gives food to people who can‟t afford to buy their own food.

4.2 Organisation


4.3 Facilities

Venue plan The first and foremost reason for choosing the Westergasfabriek as festival location was because the buildings were in a way recycled. The Westergasfabriek, translated: The West Gas Factory, used to be a gas and coal producing factory up until the 60’s. With the discovery of natural gas
in Slochteren the factory went out of business. Every building that was not destroyed became a monument and after being renovated let for cultural and musical purposes. The ambience of the whole area lies very much in line with that of the festival. At the Westergasfabriek we chose the Transformatorhuis as the particular venue. This is a building that can hold up to 2000 people and has an additional outside (terrace). The outside area will be used to ratify the outdoor green feeling while the inside will much more present the recycling theme. For a detailed overview of the layout of the inside as well as the outside see chapter 2. Project contents. Facility plan Space Audio equipment Equipment will be rented Stagelights. They will also do the set-up as well as the breaking down and manning the equipment. Light equipment Equipment will be rented Stagelights. A big part of the lights will be LED lights to save power. Stagelights will also do the set-up as well as the breaking down and manning the equipment. Bars Bars will be rented, installed and picked up by Inbev. Entertainers / artist Bookings will be done at the particular booking agencies. Barriers and fences Rented at Bakker Verhuur. Accessibility wheelchairs Venue is accessible for wheelchairs. Water Water connections are provided by the venue. Silent lounge headphones The Silent lounge headphones and DJ set will be hired at Onyx Entertainment. A more detailed explanation can be found in the budget


justification. The placement of the silent lounge at the outside area can be found in the outside overview in chapter 2. Project contents. Hay bales Hay bales will be bought through Rooms Cloakroom, dressing rooms, office room and toilets are provided by the venue. Buma/stemra

Insurance & restrictions

Amount of money that needs to be kept aside for the remunerations is estimated and explained in the budget justification. Sponsors An explanation of the sponsorships can be found in the marketing and communication chapter and in short in the budget justification. Services First Aid / EHBO EHBO personnel will be hired at See chapter 2. Project Contents for
the placement of the service at the venue. Security Security personnel will be hired at Dutch Homeland Security. See the budget justification for a more detailed description of the deployment. Personnel Bar and catering personnel will be will be recruited and deployed by Randstad, HR Services. For short and simple work such as setting up stalls a couple of volunteers will be used. Any other services The toilets will be cleaned by the venue. Sewage disposal will be done by Van Vliet Groep. A more detailed explanation of the sewage disposal can be found in the budget justification. Communication Portofoons Portofoons are hired Flash Services. A more detailed explanation can be found in the budget justification.

Legal plan The venue will provide the permit for the festival when the date is confirmed. The permit will be both for inside as well as outside.


4.4 Time Here you can read in detail every script from start to finish. Build Up Script

Completion Script


Execution Script


4.5 Information How to provide information Who Client & executor Employees Faya Events What Questions about the event

Email / phone / meetings

Client Annelies de Bruine Team manager Deborah Hofste

Questions about their part of the event

Email / phone / meeting with project manager

Team manager Deborah Hofste Individual team members

Documents event


Team members/Checked by Deborah Hofste

Visitors before festival

Knowing that the event takes place

Advertisement / press

Marketing Manager Cathleen Verbond

Information about festival


Creative manager Juan Caceres

Questions about festival

Website – > contact form Phone number on website

Website: Creative Manager Juan Caceres Questions: Marketing Manager Cathleen Verbond

Visitors on festival

Where to find things? Information about the festival day What to do

Signs on festival, employees who can answer the questions

Creative Manager Juan Caceres Production Manager Rick Sam

Staff on festival

Event manager will have a meeting with all the employees before the festival starts With Porto phones they can contact the supervisor.

Event manager Deborah Hofste


Porto: Production Manager Rick Sam Supervisor: Event Manager Deborah Hofste



They will be kept up to date by email. Signing up also by email. Meeting before festival starts.

Email: Creative Manager Juan Caceres Meeting: Marketing manager Cathleen Verbond


Date determination In this chapter there will be looked at dates of other festivals in and around Amsterdam in June and July that can be a threat to the GREEN festival. There will also be looked at payout dates of financial allowances. This way a perfect date for the festival can be determined.

Festivals June 2011 // Amsterdam Event Midzomerzaan Beeckesteijnpop Amerdam Roots Festival Holland Festival Festival Afrique-Carib It’s Festival Amserdam Date

Festivals July 2011 // Amsterdam

Event 03 untill 05 Sensation 11 Zingen op de Zaan 16 untill 19 Muziek & Meer 01 untill 23 Festival Lamere 25 untill 6 Julidans 23 untill 01 Over het IJ Festival Vondelpark openlucht A Day At The Park Festivals // Other Event Parkpop Lowlands Place Landgraaf Biddinghuizen 26 June 26 untill 28 August (date based on 2010) Oerol Parkpop North Sea Jazz Free Your Mind Zwarte Cross Festival Mundial Terschelling The Hague Rotterdam Arnhem Lichtenvoorde Leijpark Tilburg 17 untill 26 June 11, 12 & 13 June 8, 9 & 10 July 8 June (date based on 2010) 17, 18, 19 July (date based on 2010) 17,18 & 19 June (date based on 2010) Date 2 2 2


01 untill 03 01 untill 14 07 untill 17 05 untill 28 23


Financial allowances 2011 Payment Study allowance May Study allowance June Study allowance July Salary Care allowance Holiday fee Date Tuesday 24 Friday 24 Friday 22 25 t/m end of month Around the 20 th th

With May salary

Westergasfabriek Fashionweek: 14 of July until the 18 of July Of all the weekends in June and July, the 22 and 23 of July looks like the perfect dates. Thought the financial allowances from June are probably already spend and the ones from July not paid out yet, the first th th two weekends have a lot of festivals going on. Therefor we suggest the 22 and 23 of July to be the dates for the GREEN festival. th th



4.6 Money Cost Revenue


Actual Budget This can be found in the appendix. Explanation Actual Budget 1000 Location Venue / Westergasfabriek The venue we are going to use is the so-called Tranformatorhuis with an additional outside place (see map QOFTIM: Facilities). Capacity of the venue is around 2000 people in and outside. Rent is fixed. All costs include cleaning at the end, management, administration costs and water (normal use). Excluded are consumption costs (such as electricity and gas) and taxes. The buildings are rented hull, without catering and technology.

2000 Primary activities

Infrastructure / Bakker Verhuur, Bijleveld, Marktplaats
High fences covered with black plastic will create the outside area including the entrance (see map QOFTIM: Facilities). At the entrance and in front of the Mainstage crowd barriers will be used to maintain a steady flow of people and damage prevention. The fences and crowd barriers will be rented at Michel Bijleveld. Hay bales will be bought through

Sewage disposal / Van Vliet Groep
10 garbage bins will be distributed on the festival area. The bins will be rented at the Van Vliet Groep that collects the bins after the festival and recycles the trash.

Communication: Portofoons / Flash Services
Portofoons will be provided by Flash Services. Costs are calculated assuming we use 7 portofoons with 3 spares, 15 earphones, 2 extra batteries and 15 handies. Costs includes delivery, pick-up and insurance.

Safety / Bakker Verhuur
The outside area is usually not equipted with fire extinguishers. Three extra’s to cover the outside will be rented at Bakker Verhuur together with the stage parts, fences and barriers.

3000 Secondary activities

Sound and light equipment / Stagelights
LED lights: LED Ball: 25 x €10 = 250 LED Ball controller: 3 x €15 =45 Wallwasher LED: 20 x €30 =600 LED Octostrip: 104 x €7,50 = 780 LED Octostrip controller: 13 x €15 =195 LED Pinspot: 15 x €3,5 = 52,5 Other sound and light equipment costs are estimated with the help of Jasper Saman, financial manager of hiphop festival Roffest. The costs are based upon a basic set-up for a medium to large stage.


Onyx Entertainment silent lounge
The lounge will be provided with 200 headphones usually used for a silent disco. There will be DJ set by pioneer available with two wireless stations. One station will use the output from the Mainstage, the second one will be used for interesting video‟s projected on the wall and stories people can listen to.

Stages / Bakker Verhuur
The Mainstage will be made using stage parts of 1 meter high, 2 meter long and 1 meter wide connected together by means of clamps. The outside stage will be made the same way. All the sides of the stages visible to visitors will be covered by black cloth. Stage parts and black cloth will be rented at Bakker Verhuur.

Boemklatsch C-Mon & Kypski The Q4 Mala Vita The Madd Go Back To The Zoo The Rudolfs Chef‟Special 3000,3000,3000,1500,1250,1250,1250,1000,-

*Prices are estimated with the help of Jasper Saman.

DJ Wannabeastar (electro/house) DJ DNS (hiphop/soul) DJ Tommi (Balkan) Pushin Wood Soundsystem DJ Sampagne (crossover beats, funk, blakan, jazz) *Prices are estimated with the help of Jasper Saman. 300,300,300,500,200,-

Friday: PAX (Kyteman‟s Hiphop Orkest) Saturday: La Melodia *Prices are estimated with the help of Jasper Saman. 500,500,-

A wardrobe will be provided and manned by Van Dongen. Assuming a total of 2000 visitors will use the wardrobe on Friday and Saturday the costs will be 1.250,-. When charging visitors 1,per piece the turnover will be added to our revenue. Other decoration costs are estimated with the help of Jasper Saman and based upon expensive ecological materials.


4000 Design, advice and support

A designer will create a festival logo and overall festival design. With this logo and design the designer will be creating posters, a website and t-shirts.

Catering personnel (drinks) / Randstad
Catering personnel will be recruted and deployed by Randstad, HR Services.

5000 Additional

Buma Stemra
Buma/Stemra represents the interests of music authors in the Netherlands.
They make sure that the authors receive remuneration for the use of their creations. Anyone who wants to make music available to the public pays remunerations for this via Buma. Because music will be played at the GREEN festival, there will need to be a certain amount of money kept aside to pay for this remuneration. To estimate the amount to set aside you need to look at two things. Admission fees and the amount of money spend on talent (bands, hosts, etc.). Buma Stemra will take the highest amount and charge you with 5% of it. In this case our admission fees are the highest amount so therefore we calculated 5% of this revenue and reserved it for Buma Stemra.

Travel expenses
A rough estimate is made for the travel expenses. Once the bands, DJ’s, hosts and any other personnel is confirmed these costs can be calculated.

6000 Supporting facilities

Security / Dutch Homeland Security
Security personnel will be hired at Dutch Homeland Security. Because there are no expensive materials placed outside on Friday and left outside during night no guard is needed for that time. Costs are calculated assuming 1 guard costs 35,- per hour and is deployed like the following: Friday 2. 3. Entrance 2 guards Inside 1 guard

Saturday 4. 5. 6. 7. Entrance 2 guards Outside 2 guards Inside 2 guards Backstage inside entrance 1 guard

8. Backstage back entrance 1 guard Catering / Inbev, Dolphin Drinks such as Coca Cola, Fanta, beer and other refreshments will be purchased at Inbev. A bar with tap for the outside area will be supplied by Inbev. Water will be purchased at Dolphin water, environmentally friendly water. In return for a discount


Dolphin can distribute their promotion material on the festival area.

EHBO / EHBO team
An EHBO team will be hired at The costs are estimated based on

7000 Promotion, publicity, PR

Printing / Publiprinting
Everyhing that will be printed for promotional use will be printed at Publiprinting. Publiprinting prints on FSC certified paper.

Distribution / Rock ‘n’ Roll Highschool
Posters will be distibuted by students of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Highschool.

T-shirts / Green Giving
T-shirts will purchased and printed at Green Giving. These t-shirts are biodegradable.

8000 Organisational costs

Printing costs / Copiesjop
Most of the printing will be done at home. All other print work will be done at a Copiesjop. Printing will be on both sides of the paper to spare paper.

Liability, furniture, break-in and fire insurance / Interpolis The insurance costs are estimated with the help of Jasper Saman. The costs are based upon a medium to large festival.

9000 Revenu

Admission fees
Admission fees are calculated assuming 500 visitors on Friday and 1500 on Saturday. Friday: 10,- Saturday: 15,-

Project subsidies Subsidies have been searched for and estimated with the help of Imre Parkayni, financial advisor at Habek foundation. Funds and
sponsoring Sponsoring will be recieved by the means of materials and volunteers. For a desciption of the sponsors see chapter 3. Marketing and communication.

Stalls / Bakker Verhuur
Stalls placed on the outside area will be let.

Wardrobe / Van Dongen
A wardrobe will be hired at Van Dongen. Costs and revenu are estimated assuming 2000 visitors will use the wardrobe on Friday and Saturday.


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