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Dairy Queen Milk is an item of Haleeb Foods. Haleeb Foods is a biggest company in Pakistan’s dairy industry. Haleeb Foods is among the organization contending in the UHT Milk market. There is a big room for advancement in dairy industry in Pakistan. UHT milk although costly however individuals know about the milk significance and its quality. Now, there are numerous items are available in the market regarding UHT milk but Haleeb discovered that there is a space in between upper class and lower class, so, Haleeb decided to introduce lower cost milk with highest and UHT dealt with milk for those whom can not pay for high rate milk.

Dairy Queen is Haleeb another standardized and homogenized pure UHT Milk with 3. 5% fat and 8. 9% solid non fats. At an inexpensive cost it has actually won the hearts of customers all over. It is offered in 6-layered Tetra Pak Fino Packaging, introduced for the very first time in Pakistan and has 2 months service life.

Federal government of Pakistan is now focusing on dairy market. R&D department of Haleeb Foods is constant watching the market pattern and the advancement in dairy industry. Strategy of the dairy queen is to provide UHT milk for those whom can not afford high cost milk and capture the share of the marketplace.

Dairy queen milk has no competitor in regards to actual condition of the packaging and price. So, we can state that there is no tactical group of dairy queen milk. It is unique item offered in the market with its low cost positioning.

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Federal government authorities makes it simple to go into in this market however technology, availability of raw milk, and process makes it tough for the up coming companies in this market. Although, middle and lower class is the target audience of the dairy queen however its quality and product packaging draw in the upper class too.

UHT treated milk is dependent on the production of the healthy animals and availability of raw milk. As the competition is concerned, there are many companies in the particular industry and they are competing with each other with price, positioning, packaging and availability. This is time of advertising because when customer knows about your product then he will be welling to purchase that product. Haleeb Foods Limited has hired Red Communication Arts as their new advertising agency which will be handling the following accounts:


Haleeb Good Day, Haleeb Funday, Tropico, Tropico Nectar, Candia, Candy Up, Haleeb Labban

Corporate account. Now, mostly companies are using these tools to promote their products and image as well. Total share of packed milk is 4% and 96% is for loss milk. Turnover of Haleeb is 9. 2 billon. Haleeb Rashmi is also providing profit to the company because this is low cost product and it has its own packaging. It’s daily sale is 11000 litter per day. As market share is concern, Haleeb got 44% last year, Nestle 43%, Good Milk 4. 5% and Norpur 10% last year. So, Competitor of Haleeb is Nestle because there nick to nick competition. Nestle has long rang product line as compare to Haleeb.

When we talk about the gaps there is a gap in the implementation gap in strategies. Availability gape and awareness gape is still there and now company is going to eliminate these gapes. As we know that industry growth rate is 25% in the dairy industry. Now, the company’s focus is on the gross profit and company is doing the things to increase the gross profit. The cities which are very important in terms of sale share are Multan, Sahiwal, Fasil Abad, Gujranwala, and Rawalpindi. These cities are providing 60% to 70% sales of Haleeb. There are some problem from the customer side and distributor side.

Dairy Queen has fino packaging and its shape is not convenient for the customer. It has three lair packaging so, leakage problem is from the distributor side. Now, the best strategy is penetration in maximum household and increase the awareness of the brand. This will be possible through activities and promotions. Tactical advertising will be best for the promotional activities of the Dairy Queen.


Dairy farming is an agro-based activity, buffaloes and cows can be raised for milk production in an organized manner for commercial purpose.

For this project, animals can be purchased from the animal markets or breeders in Sahiwal, Sheikhupura, Faisalabad. More than 70 percent farmers hold less than 5 acres of land. Dairy farming may prove a profitable business for small landholders. They can also grow fodder on their land to feed dairy animals, without disturbing the main crop. Dairy farming is one of the best projects if professionally done on small land holdings. The return of the land used for feeding animals is higher as compared to land used for traditional cropping.

The economical size of the herd is 50 animals, which will grow into 180 animals within a few years. Cows are also proposed in the herd, as they are high yields and efficient converters of feed into milk. This herd would consist of 75 percent buffaloes and 25 percent cows. A cow, on average, yields 14 litters milk a day over a lactation period of 305 days whereas the buffalo, on an average, yields 10 litters a day over a lactation period of 280 days. Pakistan is the fifth largest milk producer in the world. Milk production is 28 million tonnes from 125 million heads.

Milk is used for drinking, tea, desi ghee, yogurt and butter making. Milk is also used to make Khoya and different types of sweets. Milk processing companies use milk as a raw material to formulate different types of milk for example pasteurized milk, UHT milk, condensed milk, skimmed milk, milk powder, etc. Different value added products like yogurt, ice cream, butter and cheese are also produced from the raw milk. The daily consumption of milk in Lahore is 2 to 3 million litters and that of Karachi is 4 million litters. The demand for processed milk has increased its share in quality conscious consumers.

During the last two decades, processed milk has achieved 4 percent share in the milk market of Lahore, which is growing to about 4. 5 percent per annum. Therefore, metropolitan cities are the major markets for the sale of milk. With the every passing day, dairy products are becoming costlier because live stock farming has not scientifically grown with the increase in population and also it did not match with the pace of urbanization. Recently, milk prices in Karachi increased without any reason. In a short time of two years, milk prices have gone up from Rs 20 per liter to Rs 25, showing a 25 percent increase.

Moreover, meat prices have also risen to about 25 percent in the last six months. In such a situation, the only way to control prices is to develop the dairy industry on scientific lines, which will not only provide meat and milk in abundant quantities to the domestic consumers but extra quantities can also be exported. In spite of having a large population of livestock, the country is spending some $40 million annually on the import of formula milk only, which is the highest amount spent by any country in the world on this particular commodity.

Currently, there are some 160 varieties of infant formula milk available in the markets. “The milk processing companies have reduced supply of their tetra pack milk products in the domestic market for last couple of weeks in an apparent bid to increase the prices of processed milk on the pretext of short supply. According to market sources, milk-processing companies working in formal sector including Nestle, Haleeb, Dairy Queen, Pakola, Olper, and Good Milk had increased prices of their milk products on September 15, 2005 from Rs34 per litter to Rs35 per kg.

Later on, these companies raised processed milk rates on February 6, 2006 from Rs35 to Rs36 per litter in retail market. “It was the second consecutive upward revision in prices by these companies in a short span of four months,” General Secretary Karachi Retail Grocers’ Group Fareed Qureshi told The News. “There is no autonomous authority or effective institution in the country to protect rights of consumers and to check frequent and unjustified price hike of different commodities.

Neither Monopoly Control Authority (MCA) – now renamed as Competition Authority – nor local governments took stringent measures against hoarders, adulterators and profiteers to safeguard the interest of consumers,” a consumer said. Some three months back fresh milk sellers increased prices from Rs28 per litters to Rs30 per litter at retail and Rs26 to Rs28 per litter at wholesale level despite repeated warnings by the City District Government Karachi (CDGK), who fixed official rates of fresh milk at Rs26 at wholesale and Rs28 per litter at retail.

A market source said in the past whenever these companies increased prices of their products they curtailed their supplies as a first step and then increased prices. Though Pakistan is the fifth largest milk producer in the world producing around 28 billion litres of milk annually, it is still importing milk powder and condensed milk. Out of total production only 5 percent milk is processed on hygienic lines whereas shelf life of the remaining 95 percent un-processed milk is very short and due to unavailability of proper storage facilities most of milk produced goes waste.

Government has allocated around Rs230 million for development of dairy industry in fiscal budget 2006-07. The sector has been allowed duty free import of dairy and livestock-related machinery and equipment (not manufactured locally). Moreover dairy sector has been exempted from sales tax besides of withholding tax. In order to reduce the cost of packaging of dairy products, the duty on imports of raw materials and intermediary goods used in the manufacture of packaging material has been reduced to 5 percent.


Experts and representatives of leading players from private sector addressed various issues pertaining to dairy industry at a seminar on “Dairy Farming for Profit” here on Monday. The seminar was organized by the Pakistan Dairy Development Company, commonly known as Dairy Pakistan and Pakistan Initiative for Strategy Development and Competitiveness (PISDAC), a project for private sector development in Pakistan, funded by USAID.

Speaking on the occasion, Anthony Christiansen, the CEO of Dairy Pakistan, said that Pakistan is the third largest producer of milk in the world with a total production of 32 billion liters of milk a year.

This makes its value even higher than the combined value for wheat and cotton. To boost this vital sector, he added, a number of initiatives are underway, including milk collection and chilling projects, Joint Milk Collection Pilot Projects, research and capacity building and many more. He further said, “We are also working on safety standards, dairy sector research work and strategy development by evaluating the significance of the sector in terms of contribution to GDP, employment and importance to serve as a vehicle to alleviate poverty especially among the rural population.

” He informed the audience that these initiatives were being taken in line with the recommendations of a Strategy Working Group (SWG), which was constituted by Federal Minister for Industries, Production and Special Initiatives, Jahangir Khan Tareen, to develop Diary Sector Development Strategy. Faisal Farooq, Chairman Dairy Pakistan, highlighting various milk-marketing options, said that to improve the dairy sector, we are emphasising on close coordination with key stakeholders across the dairy value chain as well as with partners from educational institutions, government and private sector.

The Head of Agriculture Wing, Bank of Punjab, Moazzam Maneka briefed the participants on the financing tools and options available for the dairy and agriculture sector. The dairy farming experts and representatives of many leading players from private sectors also spoke on the occasion and discussed at length the issues related to the dairy industry including, milk marketing options and potential for dairy farming on a larger scale.

Dr M Ashraf from Nestle Pakistan enlightened the audience on issues relating to animal health, farm layouts and shed designs and other speakers emphasised that dairy farming could be very profitable if full attention was paid to important factors such as employment of skilled farm management, high quality feed and breeding cows with high production capabilities. The seminar ended at a positive note with high hopes for the development and growth of the Pakistan’s dairy sector. ”


When we look into milk industry as a broad definition, this industry operates in a fashion where raw milk is distributed in two main streams. ? Open ? Packaged This open milk is further distributed and transferred to different areas, which include the same area of production, households, urban and rural areas. Packaged milk is further processed through different types of processing techniques to produce different categories of packaged milk that will be categorized and defined in our narrow definition of milk industry.


Focusing towards our main industry and closing down our definition more narrow, we see that packaged milk being broken down to different categories starting from UHT milk, pasteurized milk, poly-pack milk, bottled milk, etc. Therefore, the industry which we have taken in narrow definition is packed UHT milk. UHT means Ultra Heat Treatment. In this process the milk passes through 140 degree centigrade in 3 seconds and then immediately cooled to 20 degree centigrade in the next 5 seconds, which in turn kills all the bacteria. This is the most sophisticated and advanced process in the world.

At Haleeb Foods Limited we use the indirect method of UHT meaning that milk is heated by steam passing through stainless steel pipes outside milk. All other brands in Pakistan use the direct method of heating that is by injecting steam in the milk, this adds water content in the milk, where as indirect heating in fact evaporates water from the milk.


The core product or benefit is milk associating energy and health for all ages of people, men and women. BASIC Basic product is something that is sterilized and pure to use, so we can say that UHT treated milk is a basic form of our core product.

As its containing the factor of purity and safe ingredients with preserved milk quality and features. AUGMENTED UHT milk is now coming with different flavors for the kids, then it has also been augmented through different packaging that are being used by different companies, trying to get potential out of UHT milk market.


treated milk can be given with some extra hygienic ingredients such as nuts and other energetic ingredients to make it more hygienic and healthy to use product.


Building an excellent reputation over the years, Haleeb Foods continues to be at the forefront of product and packaging innovation. By the grace of God, it has achieved market leadership in several food categories with a very strong portfolio, consisting of leading national and international brands – Haleeb, Candia, Dairy Queen, Tea Max, Skimz, Tropico and Good Day. Apart from its extensive nationwide distribution networks, Haleeb Foods is also serving several export markets including South Korea, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and the Central Asian states.

Haleeb Foods has the distinction of being the first company in Pakistan to use Tetra Pak’s novel packaging formats, Tetra Brick Aspetic (TBA) and Tetra Fino Aseptic (TFA). Haleeb Foods has also introduced a number of unique products previously unknown to the Pakistani market, like Haleeb Labban, delicious traditional lassi (buttermilk) prepared with pure thick milk and yogurt, Candia Tea Max, cardamom flavored tea whitener, Candia milk, packed in distinctive food grade plastic bottle, and Haleeb Good Day, 100% pure and natural fruit juice, free of added sugar, artificial flavors and preservatives.

All this and more makes Haleeb Foods Pakistan’s number 1 and fastest growing packaged food company. As of fiscal 2005, its annual turnover is Rs. 7. 2 billion.


Haleeb Foods’ products are made with great care, and marked with our quality seal of recognition. We are the only dairy company in Pakistan that undertakes 21 rigorous quality control tests on every portion of the milk collected by our teams. These internationally recognized tests are used to check for: a) adulteration, b) microbiological contamination and c) adequacy of nutritional contents.

All processes, from preparation to quality assurance to packaging, are undertaken employing state-of-the-art technology and equipment. Therefore, we take great pride in the fact that Haleeb Foods is the only food company in Pakistan that has the following international certifications of quality and prestige: HACCP (in process controls for safer products) ISO 9002 (better quality for greater customer satisfaction) ISO 14000 (environment-friendly operations)


Build Branded food business to improve quality of life by offering tasty, affordable and highly nutritional products to our consumers while maximizing stake holders’ value COMPANY’S VISON STATEMENT Most Innovative and fastest growing food company offering products enjoyed in “every home every day” COMPANY’S VALUES ? Enterprise ? Empowerment ? Accountability ? Trust ? Teamwork


Haleeb Butter is the best natural source of Vitamins A & D for everyone, and by far the ideal way of starting yet another busy day.

It is rich in its taste and revitalizes your energy for a long tiresome day. Shipping Units ? 20g pack: 300 packs/carton ? 50g pack: 120 packs/carton ? 100g pack: 60 packs/carton ? 200g pack: 30 packs/carton ? 1000g pack: 1 pack/carton HALEEB ASLI DESI GHEE Haleeb Asli Desi Ghee is obtained from pure milk through the traditional procedure of heating butter slowly. Haleeb Asli Desi Ghee is free from all artificial ingredients, it has pure and natural taste and is nutritionally preserved. Shipping Units ? 0. 5 kg pouch: 10 packs/carton ? 1 kg pouch: 5 packs/carton?

1 kg tin: 6 tins/carton ? 5 kg tin: 2 tins/carton ? 16 kg tin: 1 tin/carton HALEEB CREAM The premium cream processed hygienically from pure fresh milk, Haleeb Cream is luxuriously rich in its thickness and nutritional value. It promises the richest assortment of tempting toppings, delicious desserts and creamiest coffee with its unique taste, also great for eating with bread etc. Packed in 6-layered Tetra Pack Brick Aseptic packaging. 6 months shelf life. Shipping Units ? 250 ml: 27 packs/shrink-wrapped tray ? 65 ml mini pack: 24 packs/dispenser ? 6 dispensers/carton HALEEB YOGURT.

Haleeb Plain Yogurt meets the highest quality standards and gives consumers unmatched quality, freshness and taste with every spoonful. Offered in 450g, 200g and 900g packing, with a freshness seal that keeps the product attributes fresh throughout its life. Shipping Units ? Plain Yogurt 450 gm: 12 Units/Tray ? Plain Yogurt 200 gm: 24 Units/Tray ? Raita 250 gm: 24 Units/Tray HALEEB TEA MAX In tune with the Haleeb Foods tradition of providing consumers high quality and value added products, Haleeb Tea Max is the ideal choice for all tea and coffee lovers. Tea Max is special milk that provides a rich taste in your beverage.

It is also available in the unique and delicious cardamom flavor, packed in a 6-layered Tetra Pack Brick Aseptic packaging. Shipping Units ? 200 ml (plain) pack: 27 packs/carton ? 200 ml (cardamom) pack: 27 packs/carton HALEEB CREAM (with honey) Haleeb Cream with Honey is an exclusive treat: delicious thick cream fortified with the goodness of pure honey, making a tempting spread on bread. Enjoy it anytime and exude energy and freshness whole day long. It is packed in a 6-layered Tetra Pak Brick Aseptic packaging. Shipping Units ? 65 ml mini pack: 24 packs/dispenser ? 200 ml: 24 packs/tray.


Consumers everywhere know that only Haleeb Milk makes the best tea ever because of its thickness. Haleeb is pasteurized, homogenized, and standardized pure UHT milk of the highest standard with 3. 5% fats and 8. 9% solid non fats. It is Haleeb Foods premier brand, and the choice of quality-conscious consumers who only go for the best. Packed in easy to open, 6-layered Tetra Pak Brick Aseptic packaging, it comes with a 3 months shelf life. Shipping Units ? 1000 ml: 12 packs/carton ? 500 ml: 12 packs/shrink-wrapped tray ? 250 ml: 27 packs/shrink-wrapped tray.


Dairy Queen is Haleeb another standardized and homogenized pure UHT Milk with 3. 5% fat and 8. 9% solid non fats. At an affordable price it has won the hearts of consumers everywhere. It is available in 6-layered Tetra Pak Fino Packaging, introduced for the first time in Pakistan and has 2 months shelf life. Shipping Units ? 250 ml: 24 pouches per carton ? 500 ml: 16 pouches per carton ? 1000 ml: 9 pouches per carton CANDIA Candia is Europe’s Number One selling milk. Haleeb Foods Limited and Candia of France have joined hands to bring you the highest quality milk.

Candia is pasteurized, homogenized, standardized, double sterilized milk. This not only ensures the highest quality, but also the best taste ever. For the first time in Pakistan, Haleeb Foods Limited has introduced milk packed in food grade plastic bottles. These bottles are manufactured from imported materials at Haleeb Foods latest plant and guarantee longer shelf life, highest quality and storage with ease of use. Shipping Units ? 250 ml Bottle: 12 bottles/carton ? 1000 ml Bottle: 12 bottles/carton


Classic times ask for Classic tea, a product by Europe? s No. 1 brand Candia.

Its richness and taste is bound to add more life to your cup, and it is an ideal choice for real tea drinkers. Shipping Units ? 1000 ml: 12 bottles per case ? 500 ml: 12 bottles per case


Candia Skimz is the only completely fat-free milk with the richness of pure milk. Minus fats, it is an ideal choice for weight-watchers and heart patients. It is also high in calcium content, which prevents osteoporosis. Packed in a 6-layered Tetra Pack Brick Aseptic packaging, it comes with a 3 months shelf life. Shipping Units ? 200 ml: 12 packs/carton ? 250 ml: 27 packs/shrink-wrapped tray.

SKIMZ Skimz is a fat-free milk powder, naturally low in cholesterol; yet high in proteins and calcium. There are mainly two types of milk powders, full cream and skimmed. SKIMZ is a skimmed milk powder. Full cream powder contains 28% fat, whereas SKIMZ contains less than 1% fat. Moreover, the protein and calcium content is higher in SKIMZ as compared to full cream milk powder. It is best suited for weight conscious people as well as those trying to maintain a low cholesterol level. Shipping Units ? 200 g: 12 skillets/shrink-wrapped tray ? 500 g: 12 skillets/carton CANDY UP.

With the backup of Candia, Candy Up has been launched especially for flavored milk drinkers, in chocolate & strawberry flavors to the sheer deli ght of children. The fact that it comes in a bottle makes up for convenient usage as well. Shipping Units ? 500 ml: 12 bottles per carton HALEEB GOLD Haleeb Gold – The Thickest Milk with Extra Cream. This marvelous product provides all the benefits of the Thickest Milk along with the natural goodness of extra cream. Haleeb Gold with its extra rich creamy taste makes a perfect cup of Tea. It enhances your performance and helps to maintain a healthy, dynamic lifestyle.

Shipping Units ? 1000 ml: 12 packs/carton ? 500 ml: 12 packs/tray ? 250 ml: 27 packs/tray


Haleeb Reshmi pack is long life packaged milk and offers consumers premium quality milk at an attractive price. Due to its multi-layered packaging material, Reshmi pack not only retains the natural thickness of milk for a longer time, but also protects the milk from light, heat and bacteria. Shipping Units ? 250ml : 5 liters ? 1000ml: 6 liters


Haleeb Funday is a delicious juice drink especially for kids, enriched with calcium, and vitamins A, C & D.

An exciting treat, packed with health and a great taste, Funday juices will surely be an instant success with kids with their unique and amusing names, Aamonka (mango) and Arrochee (peach and lychee). They are packed in a 6-layered Tetra Pack Brick Aseptic packaging. Shipping Units ? 200ml Pack: 36 Packs /Carton Shrink wrap units ? 200ml Pack: 27 Packs/Carton


Haleeb Good Day offers consumers a range of 100% pure juices with the essence of four fruits in each glass, without any added sugar, flavors or preservatives.

For consumption absolutely anywhere and anytime, Good Days?six premium juices (apple, pineapple, red grape, mango, orange, and mixed fruit) give you the absolute delight in taste, and revitalizes you at the same time. It is packed in a 6-layered Tetra Pack Brick Aseptic packaging. Shipping Units ? 250 ml Pack: 27 Packs/Cartons ? 1000 ml Pack: 12 Packs/Carton


With the quality assurance of Haleeb Foods, Tropico is the premium juice drink, superior in taste and pulp contents, for that invigorating fruity refreshment. Tropico is available in three flavors: apple, mango, and mix fruit, packed in a 6-layered Tetra Pack Brick Aseptic packaging.

Shipping Units ? 1000ml Pack: 12 Packs/Carton ? 250 ml pack: 36 packs/carton ? 250ml Pack: 27 Packs/Cartons


Lassi is an age-old traditional beverage in the South Asian continent. Haleeb Labban aims to give its consumers the same satisfying traditional taste of thick lassi, along with hygiene, convenience and accessibility. Haleeb Labban is the only ready to drink packaged lassi available in Pakistan. It is available in salty and sweetened variants, packed in a 6-layered Tetra Pack Brick Aseptic packaging.

Shipping Units ? 250 ml pack: 27 packs/carton? 1000 ml pack: 12 packs/carton


Juices play an important role in the functioning of our body, have many benefits associated with them, and help you achieve the desired healthy way of life. Tropico nectar is another product from the house of Haleeb Foods Limited, which is 100% pure nectar, available in four sumptous flavors including Red Blood Orange & Kinoo, Mango, Apple and Kinoo. Haleeb Tropico is also the only brand that is offering Red Blood Ornage & Kinoo Juice – that is so deliciously different that you will want to have it in your house, all year long. Shipping Units?

250ml : 27 Packs/Carton ? 1 Ltr : 12 Packs/Carton


also produces bulk dairy products. Bulk Products Avaiable ? Instant Full Cream milk powder (IFCMP) ? Full Cream Milk Powder ? Skimmed Milk Powder ? Instant Skimmed Milk Powder (ISMP) ? Cream ? Ghee ? Butter


Dairy queen milk has developed a strong position in terms of UHT treated milk in the industry. Even being a new entrant and serving for just about few years in this industry still Dairy queen milk managed to obtain a strong position along with its other some competitors.

The product being offered by all competitors is same (talking with respect to basic ingredient and contents), there is not much difference of offering in the product among the companies. Yet there has been some difference offered through the packaging of the product. As it is always important to have a good marketing plan to get itself into market and to grow in your own strategic group, thus for Dairy queen milk it is important to have a marketing plan that can help it retain its current market and also to help it grow gradually in the industry.

Now, Dairy queen milk is become lowest price milk in the market with 6-layered Tetra Pak Fino Packaging. Dairy queen milk covers those consumers whom are not able to purchase the high price milk with best quality, low price, and best milk.


As milk is a product that contains health and hygienic features so there is no particular age distinction to be differentiated. So Dairy queen milk is for everyone who loves to be healthy and who cares for the health needs.

But still it is used in different age groups with some differences, like children and older people are recommended as a growth ingredient and something that gives a concept of strength and in middle age people it’s used in tea mostly.

GENDER UHT treated milk by Dairy queen milk is meant for both the genders with no particular distinction. EDUCATION Being a product involving some technological issues to make it more fresh and hygienic, more educated people are using this product rather than uneducated. Also with the passage of time, we see an improvement in its usage.


UHT treated milk is an expensive product in terms of regular milk, so it is more in use of middle and upper class of people. But as it is available at various places , people from different financial backgrounds are using it according to their needs and requirements. FAMILY TRENDS As its being used in middle class mostly, and its penetrating downwards with time and with price issues being adjusted accordingly. But using UHT treated milk is a more of higher or upper level trends in milk industry and has been initiated with upper class.

MARKET NEEDS UHT treated milk is something that is homogenized, standardized and is toned at 3. 5% FAT level.

So its just maintained at a standard level of milk to give the same quality and diet that originally milk contains. SELECTION UHT treated milk by Dairy queen milk is available in ? liter litter packaging. ACCESSIBILITY Dairy queen milk is available at many stores, and is within reach of customer easily. So, Dairy queen milk has tried its best to provide its customers with the product by making it available within their reach. PEST ANALYSIS POLITICAL Dairy Sector in the Policy Context: “The planners in Pakistan have always been more concerned about development of the crop sector than dairying in the agriculture economy of the country.

After in dependence, the livestock population in Pakistan significantly deteriorated due to good stock was taken away by evacuees, indiscriminate slaughter of animals by incoming refugees, dry cows and buffaloes brought from rural areas by milk dealers for supply of milk in urban areas were slaughtered at the end of lactation period, and increased demand for meat due to growth of population and incomes. Urban areas faced acute shortage of milk and dairy products. The planners faced a policy dilemma of how to increase draught power and milk production simultaneously.

Efforts were made to improve stock of cattle by breeding of indigenous animals, but output of improved stocks was inadequate to make a dent on the dwindling supplies of improved cattle and buffaloes in the country. The First Five Year Plan (1955-60) recognizes the importance of improving breeding centers, operating more hospitals, dispensaries and mobile dispensaries to check spread of contagious diseases for animals, in addition to providing for research on increasing supplies of feeds and fodders, and starting pilot schemes for artificial insemination for improvement of cattle [Government of Pakistan (1957)].

The First Plan was very specific in removing gujar (a cast of milkmen) colonies from cities like Lahore to outskirts and in recommending milk supply schemes for Karachi and Lahore on a pilot basis. Under the scheme government was to buy milk from gawalas (milkmen) residing in gujar colonies and supply pasteurized milk in sealed bottles through registered milk depots. To reduce adulteration in milk, the Plan recommended testing of milk for purity.

The Plan also suggested that most of the milk would be produced in villages near the cities where small farmers would specialize in dairying by keeping half dozen or more cows, produce their own feed and organize them selves in to cooperatives for assembling, transport and even processing of milk. Soon it became clear that the First Plan, which articulated the problems at hand quite well proved to be too ambitious in their implementation as compared to the Plan target. The question of how to improve milk production capacity remained un-addressed even in the Second Five Year Plan (1960-65), which experien.

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