1.Advantages of the project method

1.1Group projects enhance individualization- the difference between learners can be accommodated by encouraging them to take responsibility for a section that they have interest in or for which they have the capabilities.

1.2The projects allow learners the freedom to investigate, search for information and display self-expression, creativity and cognitive abilities.

1.3 Group projects provide opportunities for learners to work cooperatively with other learners in a team and enhance their social and communication skills.

1.4Learners are afforded opportunities to investigate and solve practical business-related problems.

1.5Learners are more likely to identify with knowledge that they have helped to collect(Mahaye in Jacobs at al 2002:231-232)

Disadvantages of the project method

1.1A project does not contribute to the attainment of learning outcome may lead to a waste of valuable time.

1.2A project that is unachievable due to poor planning and definition may be detrimental to learners’ self concept and motivation.

2.Requirements for effective planning in teaching Business Studies

•The teachers should have a good knowledge of their subject.

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•They should formulate clear aims of outcomes so that they themselves and their learners know exactly where they are going. •They should be familiar with the various approaches in Business Studies and also the sequence in which the material should be presented and then select the most meaningful approach and sequence. •Be familiar and use teaching methods that encourages effective participative learning. •Be aware of what teaching media are available and know when and how to use them. •Be able to asses learning, to maintain a high standard and to use evaluation to improve the quality of their teaching.

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3.The critical outcomes

•Identify and solve problems in which responses show that responsible decisions have been made using critical and creative thinking. •Work effectively with others as a member of a team, group, an organization or community. •Organize and manage themselves and their activities responsible and effectively. •Collect, analyze, organize and critically evaluate information. •Communicate effectively using visual, mathematical or language skills in the modes of oral or written presentations. •Use science and technology effectively and critically showing responsibility towards the environment and health of others. •Demonstrate an understanding of the world as a set of related systems by recognizing that problem solving contexts do not exist in isolation

The development outcomes

•Reflect on and exploring a variety of strategies for more effective learning. •Participate as a responsible citizen in the life of local, national and global communication. •Be cultural and aesthetically across a range of social contexts. •Explore education and career opportunities.

•Develop entrepreneurial opportunities

4.Factors to be considered in the choice of methods instructions •The learning outcome- What is the aim of a lesson? Is it to introduce new information, apply the theory in practice or revise completed work? •Learners needs- If the learner does not understand the work that has been explained, a teaching method should be chosen that provides opportunities for asking questions so that any obscurities and problems can be cleared up. •The subject contents- some subject contents are more practical while others are more theoretical. When section of the subject is extremely practical (e.g. market research) it is preferable to choose a method in which demonstrations and examples can be used to explain the subject content.

•Learners talents and gifts- learners who are less gifted have difficulty learning hence the need for sufficient illustrations, demonstration, learner involvement and repetition. More gifted learners learn more quickly and are able to concentrate for longer periods. You should therefore choose methods that allow a learner to perform according to his/her abilities. •The competence of a teacher- You should know your own abilities and shortcoming. For example if you are not computer literate, you may decide to use and expert to deal with content on computer applications (emails, electronic storage and retrieval etc) if you have speech problems you should avoid using the lecture method.

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