Project Manager Letter Essay

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Project Manager Letter

(your company) will be holding a two-day boot camp in San Diego, California and Orlando, Florida on August 24 and 25, 2012. Both boot camps take place in the hotels we will be staying at to make things easier. Two teams of project developers from (your company) will head up this year’s highly educational instructional events. Each day will consist of approximately 5 hours of training and a question and answer period. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be catered so that we can concentrate on training and allow everyone some time to talk with our development teams. The first training day of boot camp will focus on the new compliance policies being introduced and address the new system platform and user interface. The second day will concentrate on Structured Query Language (SQL) which will be used to maintain and retrieve information from the database. Online instructional webinars will also be available from our team during the week of August 20-24, 2012 in two hour segments for five days that week.

There will be homework assigned in these courses which you will be expected to complete in order to build a base of understanding. We prefer to train in person but realize that our plans will not accommodate everyone. That is why we offer the online counterpart. For those attending in person – there is the opportunity for each employee to earn their company one free hour of support for each successful completion of the course. At the end of the boot camp sessions and weeklong online training each participant will understand the basics of how their system is organized, rules and regulations that they must remain cognizant of and where to go for resources. In addition, our SQL primer will give you the basics for constructing reports for your company. Each participant will also receive the latest version of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 software as well as Report Builder 3.0 for constructing reports.

What we will cover-

Based on our company’s implementation plan it is essential to integrate our business information systems into a single technology platform using a common database development environment. We first must particular focus on implementing a corporate-wide Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software system. The ERP system will become the core technology, database, and development environment used by our company. The new compliance system will update all applicable laws and regulations of the company’s internal rules and regulations. The new compliance system will become the core element of our understanding of integrity.

Who is involved-

The stakeholders of this project are all employees companywide. They will be introduced to the new compliance system. Requirement for managers are to train a minimum of 10 hours on the new platform as well as other new compliance policies. The new platform will integrate the company’s day to day operations into a common database. That database will be used to access the information contained in a number of tables that the company and development teams will create.

Project Objectives

This project will implement a new ERP software system platform that will integrate our organization companywide systems. ERP will combine, organize, and maintain the data necessary for operations. We will be able to merge each of the company’s key operations, including the manufacturing, distribution, financial, human resources, and customer relations departments, into one software system and database system. The new compliance system is to assure we are within regulations and laws that dictate the handling of electronic information and personal data. All attendees will fill out a questionnaire upon completion of the course.

These will be used to evaluate our team’s ability to communicate the necessary information. These will be available in online versions for our clients who are unable to attend the boot camp sessions and participate in the online webinars. Each participant’s company location will receive one hour of free support for every questionnaire that is completed. These hours will be available anytime within the first 90 days of system implementation and can be for either remote assistance in a web based platform or via phone.

Measurable Organizational Value

Our goal is to implement a new ERP system that will combine the data acquired from each location in our hosted environment and make accessible to each location. This will be done primarily by using Structured Query Language (SQL) and Microsoft based reporting services.

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