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Project Management Institute Essay

Essay Topic:

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The main motive of the Project Management Institute is to make the project management indispensable for the generation of the ultimate business results. PMI functions in over 170 countries having members more than 265000 at their advantage, thus making it as a leading membership association for the profession of project management.

It is one among the best not-for-profit and non-political organization which conducts programs with the governments, industries and organizations to deliver the best project management programs with the best results. PMI education foundation speaks on the knowledge gaining and portraying the skills and the art for educational and social welfare.

PMI also promotes research and providing avenues for building up wealth of information and also indulging in offering certification, networking and activities involving the community at large, thus managing to attain its global presence and global certification in their noble profession. Scope of its Membership: Becoming a member of the PMI institute gives an opportunity for the members to get themselves certified as a professional imparting and demonstrating the skills required thereby helping themselves in standing out in the crowd.

To become a member PMI has varied plans suiting the different segments based on their needs where in there are plans for an individual – for those willing to learn and update the best practices in businesses, student – those having degree program at a recognized institute, retiree – having retired from active employment and has a good reputation for 5 consecutive years and those interested in renewing their memberships (renewal).

The various benefits which the memberships provide – include the vast knowledge sharing and information search happening in generating the opportunities for themselves and the institute. It gives immense openings for capturing on the capability of getting them networked through the different PMI communities there by getting nurtured with respect to the leadership qualities and being an active participants as volunteers in the various communities, certification programs, research programs, standard programs etc.

The members also have scope of getting accessed to the knowledge resources of PMI known as the Project Management Body of Knowledge and also their career frameworks. Along with this opportunity which the members can acquire, they also have an edge over non-members in terms of getting access to the various publications, journals, e-links, virtual library, eReads and References which are set by PMI.

The reason one should join PMI is to allow them to be build relationships, improvise on once skills, gain the latest and the first hand information and learn some of the best known practices. Memberships in PMI showcase certain features and characteristics to the peers which indicate their enthusiasm in quality, productivity and return on investments, their seriousness about their own individual development and their own profession and finally their commitment to the ethical business practices shown by the institute.

The services which PMI provides to its members – With respect to the career development provided to the members of PMI, the association helps in availing the Certification and the Credentials, providing an extensive job search database which is availed by Career Headquarters at PMI, Making themselves groomed by undertaking various Training and Events happening by seminar worlds, to e-learning initiatives and providing the ultimate solution to the best practices and opportunities in the field of learning and in turn meeting up to the schedules, goals and the interests of the institution.

PMI also guides the members in customer services, flexibility in changing and viewing orders, information on payment, pricing and promotions opportunities, shipping and handling assistance, privacy and security all under one umbrella known best for its marketplace. PMI has a strong Business Solutions concept which keeps the members get going by the challenges they have in career framework, Business and Government solutions on a global front to build up the institution on a worldwide basis and providing Organizational maturity in terms of managing the projects, programs and portfolios to generate and plan for its growth.

This PMI provides project management implementation and consultancy services to their members and customers by providing added benefits in terms of the latest releases, news archives, articles of interests etc. The five major groups which PMI builds upon its profession are Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling and closing phases and the various knowledge areas which they address to are integration, scope, time, cost, quality, human resources, communications, risk management and procurement.

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