Project Management Body of Knowledge Essay

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Project Management Body of Knowledge

The PMBOK is an IEEE standard pioneered by PMI that provides the essentials of project management to successfully complete the project. Out of the nine knowledge areas I think these three areas are the most important and if these are managed well the trade show would be very effective.

1. Project Time Management

A project is considered winning only if it is delivered on time and in that case only, it earns proper attention in terms of business and visitors. A project needs to be divided into various small tasks and each task must be linked together using two strategies of logical relationship between the tasks and the estimated time.

Furthermore the sequence of flow of the tasks defining dependency of tasks on each other is important in this regard. The priority of tasks must also be considered while time managing the project.

Milestones must be set to follow the time management properly; these milestones may include the following:

· The start and finish of a project

· Completion of major deliverables

· Formal reviews

· Key events such as presentations

If this area of PMBOK is missed then the project would not be delivered on time and would definitely lose its value and if it is still delivered the quality of the trade show would definitely have been deteriorated.

2. Project Human Resource Management

To manage most projects, another most important area is human resource management. To organize a trade show a number of people having expertise in various areas are needed and effectively managing them so that maximum output form the employed people is taken is a key to a successful project.

The frustrated project managers are usually found saying that they need more resources, but even with more resources the problem doesn’t get solved, adding more resources may even complicate the problem. The key to it is to systematically analyze the project human resource requirement, which in turn make possible effective project completion in a timely and neatly manner (Meredith & Mantel, 2008).

Key practices to improve the human resource management are

· List the people with the tasks (in a Gantt chart)

· Find out If the same person is listed as the owner of the most of the tasks

· Find out if The same person is listed as owner of the same parallel tasks

· Find out if The any person has been barely listed

· Find out if The Many tasks are stacked up in parallel

· Find out if Those tasks which don’t have owners

If the proper HRM is not a practice, Firstly Cost of project would be increased and secondly rift between the several members of the team may result leading to the total failure of the project.

3. Project Communications Management

To organize an effective event the communication between the various members of the team need to have effective communication between them. Large projects such as tradeshow generate a large amount of communication.

Proactively determining the mode of communication between the team members and how often would that communication takes place would be an important time saver, some teams agree to use email for formal and non urgent matters and voice mail/ phone call for urgent matters. Another way is to give responsibility to someone who would be responsible for communicating information to the senior managers. Trade show, like all other projects, needs to establish its own communication strategy depending upon the people involved and the cost (Kerzner, H. (2005).

Ineffective communication would incur considerable increase in cost to the project and things would happen but in a haphazard manner with often conflicts occurring within the team and same tasks done repeatedly by several members resulting in wastage of time.

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