Project Management Essay

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Project Management

By carefully assessing the skills necessary, the relative challenges that such position entails, and the supplementary benefits it contributes to an individual, gives me more reason to be interested in the position as a project manager. Seeing this, it is only proper for an individual to be fully capable to handle such diverse and strenuous work. In the end, by carefully assessing the relevant information regarding project management, only then can an individual assert his/her capabilities to operate in such scenario.

Looking at the position closely, it involves multi-linked process that is a determinant for an overall completion of a particular project. Free Management library mentions that “project management is a carefully planned and organized effort to accomplish a specific (and usually) one-time effort, for example, constructing a building or implement a new computer system. ” (1997) Due to this, the project manager should efficiently and effectively coordinate all important and vital segments of the project to ensure and assure its clientele of its relative success.

Apart from the challenging scenario involved in the realm of project management, project managers also have the benefit of acquiring different skills needed that can be used in further endeavors and future goals. This may prove to be an important determinant for relative career goals as the work trends during this time demands more adaptive and skilled workers. Free Management Library Mentions further states that “therefore, it’s important to have skills in forming, leading and facilitating groups. (1997) Dwelling further into the realm of skills acquisition, one thing inviting about the position of project manager is its capability to hone leadership skills as well as logical skills which remain to be a vital part of the overall conduct of work. I want to point out the importance of leadership skills because of its capabilities and lasting effects it can contribute not only to the individual but to the overall dynamics of the group as well.

The position of project manager not only enhances and creates avenues for project development but at the same time a method in augmenting leadership capabilities of an individual. Another important reason why I want to become a project manager is the relative challenges it promotes as far as success is concerned. In the creation and formulation of new ideas, risks are involved. These risks can either create hindrances or failure of the project to be implemented further.

In the end, a skillful project manager must balance clientele’s plans and at the same time opinions and perceptions of people under him. Only by doing this can the project manager be successful. Also, I am fascinated in the way project manager handles all the decision-making processes. This is one such reason why I am interested in the position of project manager – due to its capabilities to enforce its own decision making. Though such may prove to be good for the part of the project manager, there are numerous setbacks and risks involved.

Making the wrong decisions can mean problems for the overall success of the project. In addition, the blame shall only be given to the project manager for every failure and setbacks due to poor decision making. Seeing this, there are indeed positive outcomes and challenges posed by the position of development manager. However, with the relative positive outcomes, the position remains to be challenging and worthy of getting. That is why, given these reasons, I still want to become a project manager in the near future.

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