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Project Guideline

If you not able to submit/resubmit your synopsis as per the timeline given above than you can submit in the next session ( Ist week of July to 15th September, 2013 without any fine) Student can submit their project report with a copy of approved synopsis, Guide Resume, Acknowledgement Letter from Project Guide at (IMT-CDL Ghaziabad, Hyderabad, Kolkata & Mumbai)


Project synopsis provides an outline of the project work to be undertaken by the candidate. Once you have selected a suitable topic, defined the problems and outlined the manner in which the project study is to be conducted, the next step is to prepare the project synopsis. This synopsis has to be submit online at our website for approval before you begin working on project work. The synopsis will be scrutinized by the faculty in IMT-CDL, Ghaziabad to ensure that it follows the guidelines. In case you propose to collect the data through a questionnaire then the questionnaire should also accompany the synopsis.

The Project Synopsis should cover the following:

Title of the Project : You can select any topic related to your Major Specialization. For more information please visit website and download the “Project Guideline” Company Profile: You have to choose an organisation for your project work. This should preferably be your own or any other organisation in the vicinity. In any case, it would be one where you have access to information and opportunity to discuss your ideas and views with the executives working there. The project outline and its formulation must be freely discussed with those who are responsible for similar activities in the organisation you have selected for your project work. Statement about the problem – Having taken your first step it is important that you define the problem correctly. Problem definition has to be clear in terms of nature, size and scope of the project. These have to be stated in terms which are quite tangible and specific.

Objectives and scope of the study – Reasons for selecting the topic have to be explained along with the applicability or usefulness of the project idea. What contribution the project can make in the selected organization or in similar situations should be identified and stated. Methodology – It is necessary to explain the criteria for selection of sample size if survey is to be undertaken. Statistical methods that would be used for the same should be mentioned. Questionnaire that would be used to undertake the project work should be prepared and sent along with the synopsis. Methods that would be used for classification and interpretation of the data should be identified and mentioned.

Questionnaire :- In case you propose to collect the data through a questionnaire then the questionnaire should also accompany the synopsis. Questionnaire should be scale of four/five level. Chapterization Scheme – A brief outline of the chapters to be included in the project report should be formulated and stated sequentially. Project Guide – Project Guide selected by the student should be an expert preferably a post graduate in the relevant discipline with a minimum of five years of work experience. It is necessary to send a brief resume of the project guide signed by the guide. If the resume of project guide is not attached, your synopsis can be rejected summarily.

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