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Project experience

Reflecting back on your project experience, or using information from your resources what tools do you think would be the most helpful for creating the project schedule for your trade show project? The best tool for creating the schedule for the trade show project is Microsoft Project. This software comes in different versions but the latest version released into the market is Microsoft Office Project 2007. It contains the necessary features and add-ons for managing a project of any size from initiation to completion. The specific feature of Microsoft Project that can be used for scheduling is the Gantt chart.

The Gantt chart is a diagrammatic representation of all the activities and resources involved in a project. It is used to arrange the activities and tasks of a project in the particular order they are meant to be carried out (Mind Tools). It also helps to depict the resources or tools necessary to carry out the trade show implementation, the interdependencies amongst project activities, the duration of time these resources will be available and helps to identify the critical path of the project (Mind Tools). The critical path of the project refers to activities that have to be concluded if the project is to succeed.

These are all useful information that need to be provided for the successful implementation of the project. Gantt charts help to monitor if the project is on schedule or not (Mind Tools). How could you use spreadsheets, such as Microsoft Excel? How could you use scheduling tools, such as Microsoft Project? Share some tips for using either of these products. Microsoft Excel can be used to itemize project tools, costs, percentages and can also be used easily to calculate budgets, estimated expenditure, averages and percentages.

The software also has graphical charts for presenting project information in a pictorial format that is easy to view, understand, and demonstrate to project team members. Microsoft Excel is best used for budgeting and conducting any activity that is related to accounting (Emagenit, 2002). Microsoft Excel is normally used by different organizations for performing calculations, dissecting data and combining information from different sources or software programs.

It is an extremely robust application that is best optimized by mastering the use of formulas, linking workbooks together and using the graph to illustrate information. Using Microsoft Project for scheduling involves identifying project phases, breaking them down into activities and assigning the lowest level of activity to a project team member. The diagram that depicts these activities is called a Work break down structure (WBS). As soon as the work breakdown structure is developed, the Gantt chart is created automatically, if the Microsoft Project application is used.

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