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Project Design Essay

A project team includes all the individuals that are working on a project who report to project manager. Every individual in the team has an area of expertise for which he is given responsibility. The team members must be able to work independently as a team to achieve the project target within the given time frame (Frame, 2000).

            The project team consists of full-time and part-time individuals given work on the project in order to achieve the set objectives. The team members must understand the work to be completed. Team members should possess skills on making schedule of activities if needed. The expertise of the team members should be manifested in completing the assigned jobs within the given time frame working with budget constraint in order to achieve quality expected (Frame, 2000).

            The permanent personnel on leave will be replaced by the first person put forward and Russell. I believe that Russell is the best candidate for the post. Russell is a design specialist and is working in the same role as the leaving personnel which give him more exposure about the skills required in the project. The prior experience in the former company where he filled a junior role qualifies him as the better personnel because he will bring new ideas which will be vital in the whole project. In addition, Russell will employ the expertise learnt while occupying a junior position where he received instructions from his seniors.  It’s argued that people in junior positions do more work than those with senior positions.

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            Russell is available for more hours in a week and this will ensure that the project objectives are achieved within the given time frame. Russell who had worked while in a junior position is likely to be motivated by the promotion and this may contribute to good services towards the project.

            Kate is available for only ten hours in a week and this might pose a challenge to the achievement of the objectives of the project due to time constraint. Kate has been working in senior positions and been given a junior position may appear as demotion and this may affect the quality of services she renders in the project.

            There are risks which are anticipated in conjunction with the choice made due to uncertainty. The risks include deficient knowledge needed in the project. This can be countered through training of team members in seminars and team meetings. Russell can then be given support whenever necessary during the project (Frame, 2000).

            Another anticipated risk is where Russell may have ineffective operational procedures to apply in the project which can reduce the quality of the product and hence profitability. Russell will be given the necessary operational skills that are needed in the project. This will promote quality and reduce the anticipated losses. Ineffective collaboration may arise between Russell and other team members due to the fact that he is new to the company. The other team members will be requested to support him with the necessary information required and to treat him equally so that he may identify with the group.

            Russell will first be taken into the team meeting before initiation of the project and will be introduced as the person occupying the position of the designer on leave. Project charter is a written document that contains the scope, objectives and participants of the project. Project charter outline role and responsibilities of every stakeholder, state project objective, identify the major stakeholders while defining the authority of project manager.  The team members together with the stakeholders can then welcome Russell so that he may be put in the charter as key participant in the project where his role will be defined (Frame, 2000).


Frame, J. D. (2002). The New Project Management:  Tools for an Age of Rapid Change, Complexity, and Other Business Realities. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. Retrieved November 20, 2007, from Questia database: http://www.questia.com/PM.qst?a=o&d=108853201

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