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Prohibition Underage Drinking Essay

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Throughout the years advertisement has played a big part in the growth and popularity of many products in our country. Since the 1920’s advertisements have been used for cars, clothes, food and materialistic things that people want or think they have to have. In the mix of all these advertisements, alcohol is the most used, sought after, and dangerous advertisement in the industry. After the prohibition the safety of the people has been the number one concern since alcohol hit the streets.

Where we place the advertisement has more of an impact on society and community than the advertisement does on its own brand.

Since 1933, when the prohibition ended, advertising was something that people didn’t know much about. The products that were sold by alcohol companies were all sold by word of mouth or by being the first to sell a big order to a local saloon. Now advertising is not only important but it is a necessity. Unlike the 1900’s, businesses currently make teams to go out and make charts, graphs, and plots of all cities with bus station, bus benches, billboards and even characteristics to the city that match the target market that the company is trying to attract.

What makes this so dangerous is the fact that companies have gotten so good at placing advertising, that they already know who the advertising will influence in that city before they put it up. The reason why this is bad is because unlike in the 1920’s, now businesses and companies can find out what parts of the country and what communities drink the most in what areas . In the business world this is great because it makes maximizing your profits really easy, but what they don’t know is that it is hurting the community.

The areas that these advertising companies target are low income families, poor communities, and neighborhoods that are known for alcohol induced crimes. This has not only made the problem worse but it has created new problems like underage drinking. Advertising is perceived by teens in different ways than adults perceive it. When a teen sees an advertising in these kinds of areas often they get confused about what is really being advertised and often teens don’t have the support in their life to ask about what it really is.

They try and take what they see on the advertisement and match it to what they see in reality. Often the only similarities teens make the connection with is parties, dancing, and girls. But what they don’t know about is the consequences. Since the 1920’s the government has been doing everything they can to stop alcohol induced crime, but it has only gotten worse. In the united states 80% of college students between the age of 18-20 are said to consume alcohol when at college.

The universities have tried to set strict policies for drinking and having parties on campus, but all it has done is make the college kids more rebellious and determined to not get caught. This can be a main contributing factor to drop out rates, car accidents, unprotected sex, fights, and alcohol poisoning that has been a concerning statistic for many universities. The consequences that the universities and even the government have set up for underage drinking are become so serious that it can now effect your entire life with fines such as a year in jail, $500 fine, 3 year probation, and a felony.

This can effect students and underage drinkers from getting jobs, driver license, and going to school in the future. As you can see advertising since the 1920’s was nothing like it is today. They relied on word of mouth to sell their product to the right place and now we have cheat sheets and charts to send companies to the right buyer and sometimes the wrong consumer. As a part of the 20th century revolution we have to deal with the problems that the advertising has created as well as learn about what the advertising has taught us.

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