Progressive Movement Era Essay

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Progressive Movement Era

Progressive Movement is defined as an effort to cure and prevent many of the ills of American society after significant industrial growth took place in the end of the 19th century. This movement promoted the idea that all people are equally capable of improving ills of society. Progressivism strongly rejected Social Darwinism. Moreover, the Movement strongly opposed corruption in all its displays and supported trends to make the country defend worker’s rights. Progressivisms tended to protect ordinary citizens, though it rejected the church stressing that it shouldn’t be the driving force for changes.

Speaking about beliefs of Progressive Movement it is necessary to underline that its leaders promoted urban-industrial society. Moreover, they believed in human abilities to make our society better by improving living conditions. Further, they believed in necessity to intervene in social, political and economic affairs of the country. Speaking about views of trusts, the Sherman Anti-Trust Act of 1890 appeared to be effective federal measure aiming at limiting the power of companies to control the highest percentage of the market share. In other words, Progressivism promoted the idea of intervention into all spheres of government.

Progressive leaders argued that effective means should be implemented to deal with the ills produced by trusts. They referred to trust-busting and regulatory approaches. In foreign policy Progressive leaders practiced more imperialistic and active approach in contrast to the Founding Fathers. For example, Roosevelt claimed that global imperialism was the best policy, whereas Wilson sent American troops for inevitable death to make the world ‘safer for democracy’.

In conclusion it is necessary to admit that the sites used for writing the paper are very effective at enhancing my understanding of Progressive Movement as they offer detailed overview of beliefs, motivations, foreign and domestic policies, trust and anti-trust views, etc. Moreover, they offer different perspectives on the matter of interest.


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