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Progress Report


In our second session the client was feeling much more comfortable since we have met and communicated well from the last session. Last session, the client’s problem was about how stressed she was when it comes to prioritizing things. So I decided to give her an assignment. Her assignment’s purpose is to let her be aware on the things that are very important and the things that needed to be done. So her assignment is the “time audit” where she will list all her activities and also list all the things that she should prioritized first. After listing all her activities I also requested her to make a timetable of her week.

On her work, the client enumerated the school works as her top priority on the list, cleaning her room and going out with some friends as the last. So I told the client that it’s good that she knows what her priorities are and encourage her to not procrastinate in order for her to have an extra time for the other stuffs. So I looked at her work which is the timetable and told her that she did a nice job in making the timetable.

The reason why I let her make the timetable is for her to keep track of her time and not forget the important matters she needs to do. Basically, the client knows what the difference between the important and unimportant stuffs but the only problem for her is that she forgot her responsibilities and ends up procrastinating. The client also added that since she was able to pass the midterms exam she was happy about it. I can also observe that she is more relax and at ease during the second session compared to the last.


I recommended the client to just continue making the timetable since it is an important and very useful tool for her and also this will serve as a guide of her time. Moreover, I told her to also buy some sticky notes or post-it because this will be easier for her especially in writing important details such as dates. Also, I suggested that she can have a diary so she could write down her thoughts and feelings whenever she accomplishes something or make pass her assignments and projects on time because she’s no longer procrastinating.

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