Progress in Oil Conservation and Renewable Energy Sources

Have you ever thought how we get electricity? There are a lot of sources to generate electricity, for example coal, nuclear energy, and solar energy. The most convenient source to produce electricity in Texas is oil. There are two ways to produce electricity through oil, the first one is called conventional steam and combustion turbine. The reasons for oil to be the most convenient source of electricity is because Texas is one of the states that produces more oil which it would be cheaper to use it in this state, also it is good for fueling cars, trucks etc.

which can be used to transport the product and we can produce more jobs.

In Addition to oil, there are other source for energy. For example, we can use Coal, Nuclear Energy or Solar energy. All this source can be good for the state of Texas, but yet, oil is the best one in economy and environment aspects with the right reforms, that is something that the other ones cannot.

For example, before we used oil as an energy source, back then we used to burn coal to generate electricity during that period there were a lot of deaths due to mining for coal, and a lot of people were diagnosed with pneumonia, those are enough reasons to cross out coal as an energy source. Nuclear energy could devastate Texas for a long term if any accidents happens on the nuclear plant. When managing a nuclear plant, the radioactive have to be on a balance, if something goes wrong it can be very tragic for everyone surrounding the nuclear plant, in addition if there would be a natural disaster that really impacted the nuclear plant, it might take years for Texas to recover.

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In addition, Solar energy might seem as the best source of energy, it does not hurt the environment, but it would hurt Texas economy. Oil industry is what Texas economy is made of, unemployment rate would increase, and we could go into a recession. So far oil has been the best option for Texas source of energy. (Chapter 14, Pg. 403-404)

Since 1900 oil has made a great impact in Texas. However, in 1930, Texans discovered in 6 billion of barrels, since then Texas was the leadership of oil producer, above Oklahoma and California. Since there was a lot of oil, now it was cheaper for Texans to create, railroads using oil instead of burning of coal. At this time, oil made the state of Texas one of the richest one in the United States. Until this day, Texas is the leader producer of oil with more than 20 refineries, that is more than any other state have. (Chapter 1, Pg. 10-11)

Oil is one of the main source of economy that Texas have. A lot of people, generally men who did not complete an education are working in oil’s companies. To work in this industry an only a training or certain certificates and licenses are requiring, high schools diploma is not a problem to get this certificates and licenses. Even though a lot of people does not have a complete education, they earn a good salary of an average of $80,000- $100,000 per year. Each of these companies have an average of 2,000 people working for them per year. Not only there is employment in producing oil, but also there are a lot of employees, who transport it all over the State, sale it and work in the company. If oil would produce electricity in Texas, more oil industries would open up and unemployment rate would decrease, there is a great demand of jobs for this kinds of positions in Texas. (Chapter 12)

In addition, most refineries are located in Houston and Baytown area neat the Gulf Coast. Each of these refineries makes an average of 4-5 million barrels per day. However, the oil that is made every day have different functions, some barrels can be for fueling transportation, making railroads, plastics, or any other item that requires this liquid. Gasoline is very easy to transport, because it’s a liquid which leads to have a variety of transportation options for example, trucks, train or even pipelines.

The environment has rights that should be protected, just as laws that protect us from a lot form different causes., environment is also protected. Oil it’s a great source of energy but everything that is good, has a dark side. As years go by, technology takes over the world by creating more effective creations to create a better environment. Oil is a chemical that can destroy ecosystems and can have environmental disasters by spills on oceans. There are methods to change it, and we can produce oil without hurting the environment. For instance, exploring and drilling for oil, can destroy ecosystems. To drill a well on the oceans, requires cleaning all living organism that is on the spot of the well. Forttunally now that we have an advanced technology we can implement some reforms to protect the environment and all marine mammals. One of the reform to protect the environment is to require a satellite to locate exactly where the petroleum is located and dip on it, instead of doing a lot of wells that costs the life of a lot of fishes and vegetation lives. In addition, Oil is a liquid that is easy to transport, but it has it risks. A lot of oil spills has been caused of transportation is train, ships and trucks. It is really dangers to the world because it those spills causes fires and explosions. There have been regulations by the government to try and control these problems. For example, one of the regulations in trucks was to control trucks that carry crude oil speed limit and bakes, everything is on a system, so the driver won’t go over the speed limit. Also, in 1990 there was an Act passed called Oil Pollution Act (OPA), this Act enforces Environment and Protection Agency (EPA) ability to prevent and respond to oil spills. Since then oil spills has been reduced.

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