Programs Essay Topics

U.S. Nuclear Weapons and Weapon Programs

Thesis Statement: Replacing the Stockpile Stewardship Program (SSP) with the Reliable Replacement Warhead Program (RRW) may alleviate existing issues concerning the long-term reliability, safety, security, and manufacturing of U. S. weapons. However, the RRW has been cancelled due to the overwhelming concern of long-term funds to maintain RRW and Democrats feel as though the RRW… View Article

Families and School Programs

The article discusses how important it is that families, especially parents, get involved in school programs concerning the welfare of their kids. The learning process of these children does not stop in schools. Parents also play a major part with regard to their children’s academic life. Those who make sure that their children go to… View Article

Economic Development Programs

Within my community, there are several development programs which have been established for the purposes of making the community more directly participative in economic development. Such programs include agricultural development programs, business development programs as well as higher education economic development programs. These programs will be addressed in this paper, with specific attention to the… View Article

The role of Technology in Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the act of engaging in social development projects that every member of society can benefit from (Wan). It usually practiced by organizations as part of their contribution to society. Government does everything it can to ensure that organizations live up to their responsibilities when it comes to preserving the environment… View Article

Website of BBC

Some examples are “buinsees. com” and “greenpeace. org. uk” which are both very straightforward. Because of this importance, some people or institutions tend to register a specific URL name corresponding to a certain entity. However, there are some cases in which by the time the “true owners” of the name come up to establish a… View Article