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Programming languages Essay Examples

Essay on Programming languages

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Java Programming: Mutator Method Assignment Q&A

On paper, write a method called sum with a while loop that adds up all numbers between two numbers a and b, inclusive, and returns the sum as its result. The values for a and b can be passed to the sum method as parameters. For instance: sum(1, 5) would return the value 15 (i.e., 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5). What happens if the value of the second parameter is less than the value of the…...

Linear Programming Concept Paper

There are two types of linear programming: Linear Programming- involves no more than 2 variables, linear programming problems can be structured to minimize costs as well as maximize profits. Due to the increasing complexity of business organizations, the role of the management executive as a decision maker is becoming more and more difficult. Linear programming is a useful technique to solve such problems. The necessary condition is that the data must be expressed in quantitative terms in the form of…...

Java Calendar Class Tutorial in Programming Languages Learning

Introduction This tutorial is designed to provide you with an understanding of the Java Calendar class, it’s backgrounds, purpose and uses. It is created in such a manner as to allow even beginning Java programmers an understanding and feel for the uses of the Java Calendar class. The Java Calendar class was added to the Java Development Kit in JDK 1.1. It is designed to permit the conversion between a specific instance in time and a set of Calendar fields.…...

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PHP Remote File Include (RFI)

What is a PHP Remote File Include (RFI) attack, and why are these prevalent in today’s Internet world? a. A Remote File Include allows an attacker to include a remote file. This vulnerability is most often found on websites and is usually implemented through a script on the web server. 2. What country is the top host of SQL Injection and SQL Slammer infection? Why can’t the US Government do anything to prevent these injection attacks and infections? a. Peru.…...

Syntax and Semantics

In programming language theory, semantics is the field concerned with the rigorous mathematical study of the meaning of programming languages. It does so by evaluating the meaning of syntactically legal strings defined by a specific programming language, showing the computation involved. In such a case that the evaluation would be of syntactically illegal strings, the result would be non-computation. Semantics describes the processes a computer follows when executing a program in that specific language. This can be shown by describing…...

The PLA programming

The PLA programming table consists of three sections. The first section lists the product terms numerically. The second section specifies the required paths between inputs and AND gates. The third section specifies the paths between the AND and OR gates. The size of a PLA is specified by the number of inputs, the number of product terms and the number of outputs. When designing a digital system with a PLA, the internal connections of the unit are not shown. Only…...

Usage of Php Login Script in Internet

I wanted to include the popular "Remember Me" feature seen on a lot of websites that basically keeps users logged into the website, even after they've closed the browser so that the next time they come, they won't have to login again manually. I found this tutorial Creating a PHP Login Script to be very helpful in writing this script, in fact, a lot of the code presented here is very similar to the code presented in that tutorial. The…...

Exceptions and Failures in Java Programming Language

Motivation We seek robust (tough) programs. When something unexpected occurs" Ensure program detects the problem " Then program must do something about it Extensive testing of special situations can result in " spaghetti code Spaghetti code is a pejorative phrase for source code that has a complex and tangled control structure, especially one using many GOTO statements, exceptions, threads, or other "unstructured" branching constructs. It is named such because program flow is conceptually like a bowl of spaghetti , i.e.…...

Implementation of RBI

Introduction The methodology of this study is divided into two parts. First, data collection and analysis is performed. Then, the risk models were constructed accordingly using Python programming language software based on the methodology of this study approach including collection of data, corrosion rate calculation, remaining life of piping calculation, likelihood of failure, consequence of failure and risk evaluation. Implementation of RBI in this study because of its hybrid technique which is comprehensive qualitative and quantitative approach that applicable and…...

API Configuration

Customarily the projects that distribute APIs must be written in a programming language, but since APIs are progressively summed up, extra approval of an API's structure is basic. Great API configuration is significant for a hit API use, and programming program engineers invest enormous energy looking into the majority of the practical bundles of an API and the most extreme legitimate way for it for use. The measurements structures and parameter esteems are of explicit centrality since they should coordinate…...

Programming Language Pages

ASP or Active Server Pages programming language pages, web services as well as applications and is compatible with using HTML tags and text . The resulting pages are returned to the client browser as a plain HTML page. The scripts, however, on the page are server -side code and must be interpreted on the web server which is more secure and private . ASP doe s not only generate dynamic web pages, but also program custom pages that is based…...

Sentiment Analysis Using Python

Sentiment analysis using python Python is an item arranged programming language, which was written in 1989 Guido Rossi. Perfect for fast prototyping and all applications. It has interfaces to many working framework calls and libraries to C or C++, and can be extended. Numerous huge organizations like NASA, Google, YouTube uses the language Python. Python when used for writing computer programs is generally utilized in computerized reasoning, characteristic language age, the progressed neural systems and different zones in software engineering.…...

Go Language

The implementation of the algorithms described in this chapter is in go language. This code is logically divided into components which is triggered once the participants on the network are enrolled in enrollment on the blockchain. In this chapter we will explain the details of our implementation, focusing on the instrumentation and analysis routines that make up the access control algorithm in the chain code. For the purpose of implementing this model, blockchain is made the core of it. As…...

Software for Lexical Analysis

Abstraction: Lex which is a popular lexical analyser generator provides support for composing plans which have a control flow directed by cases of regular looks in a given input watercourse. It is most suited for editor-script type interlingual renditions and for sectioning input in order to fix for a parsing modus operandi. The plans that perform lexical analysis written with Lex are able to accept equivocal specifications and choose the longest lucifer possible at each input point. Index footings: Phases…...

Cross-Platform Software Arduino

The project began in Ivrea, Italy (the site of the computer company Olivetti), in 2005 to make a device for controlling student-built interaction design projects less expensively than other prototyping systems available at the time. As of February 2010 more than 120,000 Arduino boards had been shipped. [6] Founders Massimo Banzi and David Cuartielles named the project after Arduin of Ivrea, the main historical character of the town. [7] "Arduino" is an Italian masculine first name, meaning "strong friend". The…...

Assembler, Compiler and Interpreter in Programming

Assembler An assembly program is non tantamount to an translator, or compiler, assembly linguistic communication is a low degree linguistic communication. An assembly program is one signifier of plan interlingual rendition. This is one relationship between assembly program, compiler and translator. Each assembly linguistic communication statement straight corresponds to one machine direction. The Assembler alterations Assembly instructions into machine linguistic communication, whereas a Compiler runs a higher degree programming linguistic communication instructions into Assembly instructions and so those are converted…...

Hire Java Developers for Optimum Utilization of Java and its All Editions

There are endless opportunities in the web development that we can’t retrieve without professional expertise. The programming languages can be utilized for different types of web application development and website development. Java (high-level object-oriented programming language) is one of the popular programming languages that offer a wide scope for developers/programmers. In the modern times after the inception of smart phones, the proficient mobile application developers also use Java for mobile application development. Java is old and reliable programming language and…...

Ruby on rails

Ruby on Rails MVC Web devleopment model The ruby on tracks model is based upon MVC design form which is a Model View Controller form. This design rule divides the work of an application into three separate beds where the presentation to the client is handled by positions, the database communicating is handled by the theoretical account bed and the accountant is used for communicating between these two beds and handle petitions from clients and users Model ( In tracks…...

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