Program of Study Essay

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Program of Study

I have one main goal and that is to become a Family Nurse Practitioner. Receiving my FNPI will allow me to be able to work in a variety of areas. There are several areas that I have a passion for and I still remain undecided in which path to take. Several of my interests are Telemedicine, Diabetes and Rural Health Nursing. Professional and Academic Background

I began as a License Practical Nurse in 2004 at Ozark Technical School; I received my Registered Nurse in 2011 at the University of Fort Smith, Arkansas. I was not satisfied with my ADN, so I decided to advance and acquire my Bachelor´s in Nursing via Oklahoma Wesleyan University. While attaining my BSN, I decided to go further and obtain my Family Nurse Practioner. Professional Goals

I chose the Family Nurse Practitioner route due to my interest in working with families and my interest in Diabetes. Obtaining my FNP will hopefully allow me to work near my home, increase my yearly salary to send my two children to college. The decision to become a FNP was not hard due to my ability to assist the physician in ordering labs, assist in minor procedures and the ability to quickly assess a situation and react appropriately. Course Outcomes

Obtaining my Family Nurse Practioner through the Master´s program at Walden
University will enable me to work, spend time with my family, and acquire the skills and knowledge to either work in a rural clinic, work with telemedicine or work mainly in Endocrinology. Practicum

My goals are to use preventive and educative methods in controlling the epidemic of Diabetes. I would like to see rural and urban clinics using telemedicine to correspond with individuals with diabetes to assist them in lowering their A1C levels, eating healthy and leading healthier lives.

The project I propose is whether or not using Telemedicine in the patient´s home to interact with individual´s with diabetes daily will lower A1C level´s, assist them in eating healthy and leading healthier lives. Conclusion

I am at the time in my life that I am able to pursue my FNP. My children are in their teenage years, and I am financially stable to pursue my dream of a Family Nurse PR actioner.

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Program of Study Form
Master of Science in Nursing, BSN Track
Based on the information that you provided, the following credits may be transferred into your program at Walden University. This information is unofficial until all official transcript(s), international evaluation, and course description or syllabus is received. Academic changes in the program
you are considering may also influence the final review. For the most updated information once you start your program, please refer to your degree audit located on your student portal. Name: Angelisa Lambert

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