Program for At Risk Young Adults to Aid Them in Achieving Their Future Purpose Essay

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Program for At Risk Young Adults to Aid Them in Achieving Their Future Purpose

This program is designed for offering novel learning experience to the young adults who are going through the transitional phase of their lives. This program has identified the older adolescents as one of the parts of population at risk since they experience difficulty in adapting and growing healthily in both the adult world and the world of adolescents. This at-risk program is gives complete emphasis on the proper physical and psychological development of these young adults understanding their psychological crisis and the related personal, social, and behavioral characteristics.

This program has a marked social importance as the young adults form one of the most vulnerable sections of the society with their recent exposure to the outside world. The program will target at identifying those young adults who have not been able to realize their potential and help them grow emotionally and professionally. (Internet Special Education Resources, 2009) The students are the potential resources for this at-risk program that have to be utilized for the success of this program.

Before identifying the students for this particular undertaking, it will be essential to chalk out a plan on what the program needs from the students to accomplish in the end and what concepts and skills should the students acquire before they are chosen as eligible resources for the program. Since the aim of the program is to serve young men and women the students will be offered intensive trainings on both the common and distant problems faced by the people going through this transitional stage and make them better informed about both the long-term and long-term remedies.

Those students will be taken as the resources that will respond quickly and positively to the training sessions. The program on at-risk younger adults is of immense relevance for the students, as they themselves have to experience this transitional stage in short span of time. The program will contain extensive information on multi-faceted experiences, which every individual goes through. The program also addresses a variety of behavioral and psychological conditions experienced by those who are on the verge of being adults and yet to leave the adolescent status.

Instead of adopting a pedantic approach, the program will focus more on covering the major issues in a student-friendly manner. The contents of the programs are unambiguous details on non-clinical treatment and other services, which should be rendered for specific instances. Considering the chances of the students going through the same phase later towards their life, the program will be designed to make them conscious beforehand about the prospective experience they are going to witness.

Since the old teenagers are to be trained well to cope up with the manifold layers of pressures concerning employment and other social activities, the program will include the important prerequisites for being able to absorb, process, and combine information in the most prolific manner possible for them. In order to make the program more realistic and acceptable to the target population, the instructions and strategies for career development will be in compliance with the actual reality where the adult world is living.

This is of imperative concern for the designers of the program that the instructions mean to be disseminated to the at-risk young adults should not be far from the stark realism so that they do not find a wide gap between their learning and their actual experience and they can certainly relate to the real marketplace situation in the world. (Internet Special Education Resources, 2009) Besides the students, the program can take help of additional social resources available in the community that can be employed for higher success.

The sociologists dealing with this specific domain of young adults can be counted upon for sharing their valuable opinions and view-points concerning the physical, emotional and sociological disturbances experienced by the people of that age. The responsibility of making the student equip with these information is to be conferred upon them. To make the program more intense and subjective therapists and clinicians from the community have to be utilized as the social resources.

This at-risk program will certainly have a serious impact on the young adults who need a planned living program and recovery support. Following this program will help young men and women to recover form their present condition and render them the professional support through the sociologists, clinicians and the therapists. The program is beneficial for the students who need added support while pursuing their higher educational goals. Both these young people and their parents will be infused with new insights and knowledge that aid them in their personal and social success.

The program targets some vital factors which affect their all-round development. Adherence to the instructions laid down in the program ensures academic success and integration of young adult independent living skills. The program helps the target students of the community in introducing healthy pursuits to improve social skills and building a sense of community. It also aims at helping these young adults to recover from substance abuse and addiction. (Northstarcenter. com, 2009) Some essential steps are to be taken for implementing this at-risk program.

Developing a strategic plan based on the unique needs of young adults is integral to proper implementation of the program. Conducting a community analysis and assessing the needs of the target population plays a pivotal role in designing the program in the most effective manner. Identifying the youth serving agencies in the community and co-operating with them to understand the approaches suitable for treating various cases is rudimentary for proper implementation of the program. (Young Adults Library Services Association, 2003)

The program has to be designed in order to recognize the educational approaches for high risk young adults and ensure a safe and healthy environment for the students. School committees have to be established which will work with the teachers and parents in promoting awareness and program development with community participation. (Theodore, pg 332). This program will be able to reaching out to young people and win support by working with parents and local leaders. Through this comprehensive program it is expected that policy barriers will be removed.

It will further encourage the students to participate in the program and put their effort in developing it. The program intends to specifically help these young people to do what they need to do. (The INFO Project, 2009) References 1. “A Transition Program for At Risk Older Teens and Young Adults to Help Them Realize a Future Inspired by Personal Purpose and Worth Achieving”. Internet Special Education Resources. 2009. Available at: http://www. iser. com/LDI-AZ. html (accessed on January 30, 2009) 2. “Northstar Center”.

Northstarcenter. com. 2009. Available at: http://northstarcenter. com/ (accessed on January 30, 2009) 3. “Young Adults Deserve the Best: Competencies for Librarians Serving Youth”. Young Adult Library Services Association. 2003. Available at: http://www. ala. org/ala/mgrps/divs/yalsa/profdev/youngadultsdeserve. cfm (accessed on January 30, 2009) 4. “Meeting the Needs of Young Adults”. Population Reports. 2009. Available at: http://www. infoforhealth. org/pr/j41edsum. shtml (accessed on January 30, 2009)

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