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Program Design of an Outpatient Adolescent Prevention Essay

The adolescence stage is often characterized as the stage of maturing from childhood to adulthood. This stage of maturing commonly occurs at the age of 12 for males and 14 for females. This is where significant developments in both physical and mental abilities of an individual begin to happen as early signs of puberty stage. This is the moment where a person or an individual starts to operate according to his or her own personal views in life and practice independence from their guardians. Furthermore, adolescence is the stage of trials where teenagers are expected to be active in doing things that differ from the usual, which will satisfy their urges due to their growing curiosity.

Professionals normally define adolescence as the most critical stage of growing up. This is where an invidual experiences sudden changes in sexual drives, acquire mood swings, develop relationship with the opposite gender, and encounter different kinds of difficulties in shool and at home. Apart from these technical defiinitions of adolescence stage, it is also the stage where young people from 12 to 19 years old start to be involved in different types of substance abuse (Answers.com Health, 2008).

            There are different kinds of substance abuse that adolescence are faced with, namely, cigarettes,  alcohol, and drugs. These are the most popular substances of modern time amongst teenager. According to recent reasearch archives, data shows that alcohol and drug abuse are the most common substance that teenagers abuse. In 2006, there was 1.2 million adolescents from 12 to 17 years old who smoked cigerettes; 631,000 drank alcohol; and 586,000 experienced drug dependency (Focus Adolescent Services, 2008).

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            This data clearly indicates that most of young individuals in the puberty stage are involved to these kinds of abuses. Figures mentioned show that drug abuse has the lowest percentage of abuse among the three substances. Continuous efforts and programs to decrease the number of adolescents involved in drug dependency is constantly needed because of the high potential hazardous effect it can cause to the life of young individuals.

            Moreover, efforts and supportive programs are implemented over the years, considering the serious effect that drug abuse can cause on the lives of the youth. Because of the active campaign to battle adolescents’ drug dependency, success is evident in positive results that show the decreasig number of young ones involved in drugs.

            One effective way of treatment for adolescent drug dependency is by means of drug rehabilitation centers. This is the traditional method for treating drug dependency among individuals. These centers are characterized as the special environment for drug abusers coming from different backgrounds, who are advised to stay in the facility for a certain period of time to achieve the needed treatment for addiction. These treatments include detoxification and counselling for possible success of recovery from drug dependents (theraphistunlimited.com outpatient). In addition, drug rehabilitation centers gurantee to properly address the needed medications of drug addicts through effective programs conducted by professional doctors, psychiatrists and counsellors.

            Aside from the traditional way of drug rehabilitation, another possible way to properly address the abuse of drugs among teenagers is through outpatient rehabilitation. This program has the same purpose of addressing needed medications for adolescent drug abusers. However, with this type of program, patients no longer need to stay inside the rehabilitation center to get needed attention from addiction to recover from drug abuse. Basically, outpatient rehabilitation is like a live-in residential program that is usually done at home (theraphistunlimited.com outpatient).

Although outpatient program is advisable for minor cases only, it has a big potential to be as effective as the traditional rehabilitation center. With the proper formulation and implementation of this program for adolescents involved in drug abuse, outpatient program can be a reliable way to properly address drug abuse among teenager. Furthermore, this type of program is advisable to ensure continuous recovery of  the patient after undergoing treatment in a rehabilitation center (theraphistunlimited.com outpatient).

            In accordance with the concept of outpatient rehabilitation program, I designed a program design for outpatient adolescents who engage in drug abuse. This program is formulated to contribute on the ongoing campaign to lower the rate of adolescents that are suffering from drug abuse. The main objective of this program is to protect the adolescents from the risk of further deterioration of drug abuse. Drug dependency in the puberty stage is a critical issue that needs to be addressed.

Nevertheless, this program will make its own contribution to ease the problem of drug abuse. It will focus on rehabilitative works for adolescents to further effect recovery from drug abuse and addiction. Outpatient rehabilitation may be advisable among adolescents with minor drug abuse only. However, the program will also serve as a safety measure to ensure the effectivity of the rehabilitation center towards full recovery of the patient.

Furthermore, the target of this program are the teenagers who have undergone treatment in rehabilitation centers for treatment of drug abuse. With this design, adolescents will be advised to attend a program that will keep them interested to stay away from drugs and show them positive outcome of recovering from drug abuse.

            With the understanding that teenagers are having a hard time recovering from drug abuse, the design of this outpatient program will protect the iniatives done by the decisive adolescents to recover from drug abuse. Also, through this program, patients will get the guarantee of effective service to help regain composure as they start to work their way to be part of the community again. Furthermore, this program will work to maintain the momentum of affecting change towards full recovery of adolescents from drug abuse. Its service will be characterized as a further rehabilitative medication for adolescents.

            To be an effective outpatient rehabilitation program for adolescents, the program is composed of major features to address accordingly the needed treatment for drug abuse. First on the list is to empower family support. This is to explain to the family that their efforts and care is needed for the recovery of the patient. Second, the Comprehensive Education about drugs, which will give the patient the needed information about the proper use of drugs and its negative effect to the body if abused. With this, adolescents may understand that abusing drugs can cause serious effects in their health. Third is counselling and sessions with a former adolescent drug abuser who succesfully recovered from addiction.

The primary purpose of which is to inspire the patient to work hard for recovery and instill positive views to stop drug abuse for a better life and future. Fourth is the Recretional Activity, which aims to give the patient a chance to be involved in various acitivities to regain confidence that will help him or her start a new life after engaging in drug addiction. Fifth is the Religious exercise. With this, adolescent drug abusers may realize the bright side of living a new life. Last of the features is regular check-ups of physician and psychiatrist to address proper medication and record the improvement of the patient.


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