Program Essay Topics

Operation of Assemblers

A program written in assembly language is much more readable and understandable than its equivalent in machine code; an assembler is a program which translates assembly language into machine code. The assembler accepts an assembly language program as data, converts mnemonic operation codes (op-codes) to their numeric equivalents, assigns symbolic addresses to memory locations and… View Article

Analysis of Various Programs

I will produce various systems to manage and run a supermarket. I will use a lot of different programs. Each will be used differently and for various tasks. Some of the packages and programs I will use are: Microsoft Word This program I cannot do without and is most important. I will use this word… View Article

Master Degree program

Education is a key to individual development. It is imperative that one should not to cease learning new things in life, whether within the confines of the classroom or on the outside world. A teacher having a Master’s degree provides additional opportunity for students to widen their perspective and understanding of different academic fields, from… View Article

Application of the Program

After establishing the required objectives and end goals, this proposed program shall now outline several parameters of its application and the areas of qualification that will induce the objectives given. At the same time, this section shall cover the screening process wherein the process of selection among potential candidates shall be highlighted. This is essential… View Article

JD/MBA Program

QUALIFICATION SUMMARY Talented, goal-oriented Law Student seeking to complete a joint JD/MBA Program. Dynamic leadership ability with solid communication and organization skills. Successfully completed an internship with an accounting firm and acquired in-depth knowledge of financial planning and accounting practices. Excellent customer service skills. CORE KNOWLEDGE AREAS  Customer Service Excellence  Superb Organizational /Analysis Skills Oral… View Article

The Marine Corps Information Assurance Program

Program seeks to enhance the capabilities of the Marines in their knowledge of the use of Information Technology in order to facilitate the transfer of information from one point to another and assuring that the data gathered or transmitted is received in good hands, safe from intrusion of other people that may intercept the data…. View Article

Training Delivery Program

Description: Preferred language style: English (U.S.) 1] Please note: this is a presentation but I do not need the PowerPoint slides or speech I will manage it .all I want is 4 pages worth of research and proper presentation in form of report which I can transform it to slides. 2] Note: this presentation is… View Article

Victoria’s Motorcycle Licensing Program

Within the past year, there have been 332 fatalities in Victoria; fourteen percent of this number is composed of motorcyclists, of which only seven percent carry a motorcycle driver’s license, according to the Transport Accident Commission’s most recent annual road toll (2008). The same source lists the following as the most usual causes of motorcycle… View Article

The Turnaround Program and Its Implications

Abstract The quality of education in public schools has been a major topic in the education field. Particularly, the government has taken actions to address the problem by creating the No Child Left Behind Policy, and other similar reforms in the education system. One program considerably practiced in our educational system is the turnaround of… View Article

Types Of Grants And Scholarships

The Pell Grant Program basically provides need-based grants to students belonging to low-income families.  This grant is primarily for undergraduate and certain postgraduate students who do not have adequate finances and access to graduate degree programs.  The current institutions that participate in this program approximate nearly 5,400.  The grants generally cover expenses such as allowances… View Article

Multiple Causes Downed The Challenger

The United States has always been proud of its space exploration endeavors.  NASA’s programs have always led the world in technology and performance.  All was going well for the space shuttle program until January of 1986 when the Challenger exploded 73 seconds into the flight, killing all the crew.  Since then, the shuttle program has… View Article

The setting, population, and program

Second Step is a violence prevention program has been implemented for Norman area 6th graders. This program focuses on such things as anger management, conflict negotiation, controlling emotions and not acting on impulse. It is designed to give students examples and topics of discussion that will promote thought provoking discussions and hopefully draw out some… View Article

Prevention Program Resource Guide

Name of Program: Prevent Delinquency Project Program Web site: Target audience: Parents Primary approach to prevention:       The people working behind the project believe that juvenile delinquency can be prevented through proactive parenting techniques. They aim in assisting parents to improve their knowledge about certain aspects of teenage life, which will make them in… View Article

My MBA program at UNCC

Like most other progressive people I too have my own hobbies and interests, which have grown up with me. Grown with me, because my passion and attachment to these are more now, than ever before. On quite a number of occasions, I had listed my extracurricular activities and interests as involvement in voluntary work and… View Article

Quality Special Education Program

Recent reforms in education have emphasized the need for sensitivity and responsiveness to students’ social contexts. This is to increase not only the effectiveness of educational programs but also to create individual relevance to the student learning. Behavioral management is critical in special education programs because students’ behavior are often used by the public to… View Article