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Profiling of IGA Supermarket

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The Store image IGA is a local, independent brand that has the flexibility and opportunity to deliver the things locals like. The Benefit of being part of the IGA brand is that as an independent retailer, you can be famous for your own area of retail expertise, whilst delivering on the overall IGA brand offering. Store Types IGA is marketed under one brand, but differentiated by three channels to meet consumers’ specific needs. Channel 1: Supa IGA – Large format stores, carrying a comprehensive supermarket range.

These store primarily cater to shoppers who wish to purchase all their grocery and fresh food requirements in one location. A one stop shop’ with a strong value proposition. Channel 2: IGA -Medium format stores, carrying a mid-sized supermarket range. These stores are primarily Neighborhood stores catering to shoppers who purchase fewer items, but do so more regularly. ‘Convenient, top-up shop’. Channel 3: IGA X-press/ Friendly Grocer -Small format stores, typically attracting an emergency shopper centered in high traffic areas.

Theses stores supplement a full grocery shop and specifically target the shopping demographic in their area. ‘Convenience Previous promotional activities

The promotional program ‘Locked Down Low Prices’ deliver value for costumers. It is third stage of more than $10 million marketing, includes two TV commercials, online, catalogues and point of sale and feature the new face of IGA. The key promotional components in the marketing campaign are padlock called ‘Lockie’ and Do explaining the pricing initiative. This campaign will see the prices of 1,ooo products, including Balducii Pasta, Bulla Ice Cream and Schweppers’ drinks dropped and locked for the next three months, to be followed by a rolling stream of price cuts on hundreds of other products.

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