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Profile essay

Benny, son of Daniel Joseph was born on the 4th of December, 1995 in Gujarat, India. Tall, dark, and dresses formally Benny believes he is destined for the greatest things in life. More of a career-based individual, Benny wants to achieve highest in his life than what he had obtained. He has worked hard beyond his limit to be where he is today. For Benny life is positive and fulfilling through dedication and hard work. When the outcome is negative, Benny procrastinates and fails to really enjoy life. This is one of his drawbacks. Life should be lived as if there is no tomorrow. God has gifted us each day to enjoy and as humans we need not always be competitive. He mentioned during his childhood he didn’t speak much and used to suffer from severe headaches and because of this, he wouldn’t interact with many people. He was perceived as rude and disobedient. Through Benny I realize how he emerged from a difficult phase in his life to be more successful today.

As an emotional person there are several events where Benny wept for his family and loved ones. Benny had a rough childhood from the loss of his dearest Grandfather who passed away when Benny was fourteen. His grandfather had been an inspiration and motivation for Benny to move on in life thus bringing out the best in him; he was Benny’s ‘shadow’. His grandfather believed in helping other people and often mentioned _”HE WHO HELPS PEOPLE IN NEED, WILL FIND INNER SATISFACTION”._ Through this quote Benny helps other people in trouble which brings him a sense of relief and satisfaction. Benny believes he looks like his grandfather and has a vision to reflect his Grandfather’s values. He believes passing on a positive action for the world in his lifetime. Benny learned humanity from his grandfather and put into practice. An incident occurred two years ago where he noticed a stray dog was being tortured by people around it. He immediately contacted the animal shelter in his city.

The dog is now adopted and is in safe hands. Such events have shaped Benny’s character and how he is perceived today. He has recovered from his once lonely and dark world. By observing him I feel I should shape my character to resemble his, whereby I can help people live and enjoy life who do not value it, by giving them a push to explore what God has gifted us. Today Benny believes to have come out from his comfort zone, _”I HAVE SUFFERED ENOUGH IN THIS LIFETIME_ _”;_ He wanted to disappear from the world of darkness to enter into the fruitful life God has gifted him, but he needed a push. He found Timmy, who became his best friend helped him understand the meaning of life. They shared their views and opinions. They both travelled to France last year with other school mates, and mentioned that he hadn’t laughed that much in a long time.

Benny is currently in the United States pursuing his education. He is a freshman at Richland College. He loves the people, the environment here and has made many friends in such short period. He finds Math and Chemistry extremely challenging and must work hard towards them. Benny has overcome his fear of loneliness and darkness and now interacts with many people. He is a struggler. He loves exploring different parts of the world and would love to visit Venice which he describes as beautiful, breath-taking and heavenly.

His dreams lead him to where he belongs, a pharmacist is what he wants to become. I see Benny as a wise individual who believes in God and visits the church regularly. Interviewing Benny was fun and exciting. He mentioned during his leisure time he enjoys watching comedy movies, biking, pranking his friends and trying out new food. In the coming future Benny would love to have his own family and describes his future wife as _”beauty with brains”_. He wants to have three children, two boys and a girl which depicts that Benny has turned into a humorous and more outgoing person.

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