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Proficiency Level in English Communication Skills

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Essay, Pages 2 (311 words)



Essay, Pages 2 (311 words)

“English is without a doubt the real universal language”. While English is not a main language in most countries, it is the language frequently taught as a second language. English is most widely used in communicating around the globe. The info that we * the researchers collected about communication and English made them recognized that the 2 terminologies should be always together.

Great communication creates an excellent atmosphere and relationship between everyone in every company most especially if it is inside an organisation while English is now required in every company.

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Language is now thought about a skill, in fact, big companies, both here and abroad, are now searching for good English interaction abilities amongst potential employees, regretfully, these companies are dissatisfied.

Sad to say that even the students nowadays are not practicing effective communication; some really don’t want to practice it and some are practicing it in the most improper way in the form of the so-called “taglish”, a combination of Filipino and English words in one sentence.

We* The researchers became interested with the English communication proficiency of the secondary students nowadays; those who can afford to enroll in college will be privileged to learn and be trained more with their communication skills, but what about those students who cannot afford to be upgraded in tertiary level?

Of course they’ll apply for a job to make a living, but the problem is, even the few available jobs for high school graduates require good communication skills, and unfortunately, we*as the researchers have noticed, most high school students are not prepared for this kind of challenge.

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Some of the students are good in written communication but not that good when it comes to oral because some are shy to let others hear their English, or afraid to execute a wrong grammars or bad sentence on how or the way they talk.

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