Proficiencies of Human Resources Manager

HR Proficiency: Employee selection, training and compensation falls under this proficiency. It represent traditional knowledge and skills in those areas. •Business Proficiency: A Human Resource Manager has lots of duties and responsibilities. To assist top level manager for formulating strategies a HR manager should be familiar with strategic planning, marketing, finance, production, etc. Those knowledge will help top level manager to formulate new strategies for the company.

•Leadership Proficiency: A HR Manager should posses Leadership Quality. This is must for a HR Manager.

They need to have the ability to control and manager a team and lead the workforce toward a specific goal. HR managers also need to aware about modern changes and will lead the team as it permits. • Learning Proficiency: Without learning nothing can be achievable. A HR manager must learn new things and need to be updated as time passes. Technologies are changing rapidly, learning proficiency will help to cope up with this changing environment and control the workforce in an effective way.

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He or she must have the ability to stay abreast and apply all the new technologies and practices affecting the profession.

For Example is Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN), their recruitment involving a series of test and selection. After they are recruited to PLN, they received training in order to make them professional that have integrity, proactive, skills and have experience along with strong mentality. To ensure that the new recruitments are capable, effective & up to the standard that PLN set. And that this will be affected for the future of PLN itself.

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Proficiencies of Human Resources Manager

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