Professors in My Student Life Essay

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Professors in My Student Life

There are some situations in life that we would never forget. Since I began the school at 6 years old until I finish high school at 18 years old, I have had the opportunities to meet several professors. Professors become a close person for us because we share with them at least one year of our life. They spend more time with us, even than our parents. But no all of them are equal in terms of their way to teach. I classified them into three different groups, the group of responsible professors, unconcerned professors and facetious professors. Fortunately, during those years, I have met many responsible professors.

This kind of teachers worries about their students learning. They do not care if they have to explain a topic once again when some students do not understand something. Also, they explain as clear as possible in order to make understandable what they are teaching. Others ways that teachers demonstrate to be responsible are reviewing and discussing the students’ homework assignments. Going through the exercises that students do at home is a good way to know if students are doing well or not. Professors can realize if students need more practice before taking the test.

In addition, responsible professors also go to the classroom prepared on what they will teach to their students. They know what the last class was about and what will go after it. Also, they used to take some handouts and materials for the students to work on it. But unfortunately not all professors are responsible. Other kind of professors I met was the unconcerned professors. These teachers arrived always late to the classroom. This behavior was a bad influence for students. Also, the time of class was shorter; nevertheless, they gave the class until the time ran out and the rest, to study at home by our self.

Moreover, these professors do not used to review the homework in class. For that reason, my classmates and I did not know if we were learning or not. In consequence, most of us lost our interest to study. Another way to demonstrate their abandon was with the students test. For example, when we took a test, the professor many times lost our papers. In the better case, he gave us the score one month later. I hope do not have this type of professor anymore. I had some facetious professors, overcoat in high school. These professors always had a joke or story to tell.

They always were doing that students would laugh and relax. I remember when we had an exam, one of them, before give us the test, he used to joke telling us that we had faces of sheep’s slaughtered. Furthermore, they are never angry. To demonstrate, some students came out from the classroom to make phone calls and he did not care about that. Also, I remember one of them who arrived late because his car was crashed, and he seemed like nothing had happened. Another way to project their character was their way to teach.

All topics were given a touch of joy which made ?? s the class more enjoyable. He taught us to memorize the topics, singing them; it was very funny. I enjoyed this kind of professor because he inspired me to do my best. In brief, in eleven years many professors go through our life. I particularly, have found these three type of professors; responsible, unconcerned and facetious. All of them had their own way to teach and communicate with their students. I liked some more than others, for that, my advice to all of you is to think about what kind of professor you prefer and then you can go online to look for the best.

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