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Professional Writing and Composition: Meeting Announcement Essay

An announcement letter can be forwarded to inform a person of the itinerary of the meeting (LetterExpert.co.uk, 2007). It can be transmitted to reveal happenings such as banquets, weddings etc. It can also be written to convey to the community about the results of a competition, a changes in the institutional regulations, to call a meeting, or to inform the company departments regarding industrial action. Below is a sample of letter announcing or informing a meeting:

Preparations were completed for a meeting to be held on 28 November 2007, at 8 o’clock in the morning, in Multimedia conference room, Legacy building located at 88 Magalia St. NY. The said gathering has the following objectives:

  • To discuss the essential requirement of the project
  • To know the description and characteristics of the new project design
  • To identify the forms and span of researches to be undertaken relative to new design prototype development of GE Refrigeration System.

To be ready before the formal launching of the project, this meeting is considerably required. Representatives from public and private organizations and media entities are requested to be present at the actual launching.

 Within two weeks after the assembly, you are required to provide your commentaries and analysis of the objectives of the project, structure of the organization, the timetable for the whole duration of the project, the scope and limitation of the research and whether or not a group of consultants is needed during the whole project, and also any further commentaries that you may wish to express. You may also provide any information on the advantages and disadvantages of the project’s location.

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 We are warmly sending you invitation to attend and be part of the said gathering. We trust that the early participation of all the groups interested in this project will increase the efficiency and quality of cooperative planning.  Individuals who would require backup instruments to properly communicate to be able to partake in the talk are encouraged to inform their needs and inclination to the Executive Director for this proposed project at 710928719 or TDD phone number 4618691.


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