Professional Workplace Dilemma Essay

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Professional Workplace Dilemma

I got a job with one of the local companies in the country before I enrolled for a Bachelors Degree course at the University. I had to attend school and at the same time do the job. I decided to be attending the evening classes so that I could work during the day. The conflict I experienced was at the work place. I had worked for the company for one and a half years before I enrolled for my University education. The conflict was between Mrs. B. A and I. I was supposed to be promoted and definitely get a pay rise.

Mrs. B. A could only give me the job on condition that I fulfilled her desires. She wanted to date me and then give me the promotion. I first of all refused the offer because my morals could not allow me to do so. On the other hand, I was fighting between getting the promotion and protecting my dignity. I needed money desperately because I wanted to sponsor my own education and unburden my parents the responsibility of educating me. I was caught between a hard place and a rock. I did not know who to approach for assistance as Mrs. B. A was the final decider of the outcome.

After consultations and deliberations, I decided to give into her demands with the consolation that I would only date her for a while and then end the relationship. We went out for a few months but then my conscience could not allow me any more. I had to call it quits. She accepted but had her reservations. After three months, the company’s management decided to dismiss me from the job on allegations that I was not performing my duties well. Mrs. B. A was the only one who could help me out. But as usual, she asked me to sleep with her.

Refusing to do so could simply mean that I lose my job. Going ahead to do so simply meant that I was becoming her sexual slave. I decided to give in ones more and this made me get the job back. I lived to regret my moves for the entire period that I was in the company. Analyzing the Ethical Dilemma. There was a difference in power and authority between the boss and I. I was a junior officer while Mrs. B. A was the human resource director. The ethics in question were very simple. I was supposed to go against my will and give out my body in order for me to get the job.

Consequences to me were to get the promotion, secure the job later and get haunted for the rest of my life. To my boss, the consequences would be for her to get self satisfaction against someone’s will. Evaluating the outcome. The outcome at the time was for me to get promoted. The other outcome was for me to secure the job that would otherwise have eluded me. I felt dejected, used, abused and taken more of a fool. These were the consequences that I had to shoulder for the rest of my life. What I have learned from my studies at the University has really changed my perception of things in life.

I have learned how to solve and tackle situations amicably with sobriety and utmost diligence. My lack of experience at the time really let me down in that I did not know how to approach such situations. Furthermore, I did not know how to input desperate measures in desperate situations. I always believe that had I faced the problem after going through my course work, I would have been in a better position to face the situations that befall me. If it had happened after I had had enough experience in terms of going through the course, I would have said no to the exploitation.

Sexual exploitation and abuse in the society should not be condoned. I would have let the promotion go. This is because I was pursuing a University degree and I was still young to admire such positions. I would still have waited for the right time to come for me to get the promotion and not fall into Mrs. B. A’s traps. What I learned afterwards is that there is time for everything and I would have just held on in pursuit of better things in future. The other situation of securing the job would have also been handled differently.

I would have let go the job and look for another one. I discovered that had l left the job and looked for another one, I would have been successful. I lived to regret my actions but then that is life and one learns through experience. Conclusion. There is time for everything. He who waits for his/her time will also not live to regret what they did against their will and wishes. Professional dilemmas are part of life and one has to know how to deal with them so that they do not fall victims of circumstances in life (Warls, 2002).

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